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The Man from Swift Current Chapter Ninety Five - To Be Adopted or Not To Be Adopted

Chapter Ninety Five – To Be Adopted or Not To Be Adopted

The next morning, Greg woke with Cory in his arms.   Cory liked to sleep with Greg spooning him.   Greg loved it too because he liked to fuck Cory when they first woke up in the morning.   Often, his raging hard on would slip inside Cory who would moan with pleasure in his sleep!   Since Cory had joined him in Texas, they had been inseparable as if they were trying to make up for the time they had been apart.   Greg loved Cory so much he could sit in total silence and be happy just to be in the same room with his life partner.   This morning, however, was different – he didn’t have his usual morning wood!  Greg had slept very little during the night.   He had managed to drift off for about an hour or so but had nightmares about that fateful night when his father had tried to murder him and Cory.   He woke up clutching Cory tightly in his arms.   Cory had stirred but didn’t wake up.   When he realized how tense he was, Greg forced himself to relax his hold on Cory.  

He remembered how his mind had been racing all night thinking about what Glenn’s Grandpa had said.   He and Cory had spent quite a long time talking with Glenn’s Grandpa after they had gone back inside the house leaving everyone else outside by the swimming pool.

His mind went back to last night’s discussion:   He and Cory followed Mr. Scarborough into his study and they had seated themselves across the desk from him.   He had started to speak, “Mr. Scarborough…..”

Mr. Scarborough interrupted him, “Greg, please call me Grandpa.   Yes, I am Mr. Scarborough but to you and Cory, I am Grandpa because you have become part of my family.”   He paused and noted the look of disbelief on Greg’s face.   He continued, “Greg, I know you don’t think you're part of my family.   I can see the wheel’s turning inside your head, young man!   Let’s see…..first, you are asking yourself how can someone who is as successful in business as I am be trusted.   Second, you can’t believe someone, who you met a couple of days ago, is willing to adopt you as part of their family.  Third, you can’t bring yourself to trust anyone because of the injuries, insults, and slights you have experienced as a gay man.   Did I miss anything?” 

Greg had held Grandpa’s gaze without faltering.   He didn’t waiver now when he responded, “No, I think you covered it.   I still find it hard to believe anyone would voluntarily associate themselves with gays and openly support them after what I have seen over the last few months.”

Grandpa noted Greg was still very tense.   His hands were clenched tightly into fists that he held at his sides.   Greg was very much in attack mode.   Grandpa had seen this behavior before in his boys.   Of course, he had taught them the best defense was a great offense!   He smiled and decided a direct approach would be best.   He said, “Well, Greg, I think I need to be totally and brutally honest with you.   First, you're right about my success in business.   I have learned not to trust anyone in business.   I always cover my bases.”   Here he stopped and gave Greg a penetrating look.   “When Glenn mentioned he wanted help you and Cory, I had a background check run on both of you.” 

At this juncture, Grandpa opened his desk drawer and pulled out a large manila envelope and placed it on the desk in front of him.   He opened it up and then said, “I would like to read some of things I found out about you.”

He began reading.   As he continued, Greg’s eyes grew large with surprise.   Every little detail about his life had been covered.   He was so astonished by what he heard he didn’t respond to Grandpa’s question.   Grandpa asked, “Greg, are you okay? “

Greg nodded his head but didn’t say anything.   Grandpa nodded and then turned his gaze to Cory and asked in a kindly tone, “Do you want me to read the information I have gathered about you?”

Cory smiled and said, “Please go ahead.   I'm curious to hear what information you have been able to collect about me.”

Grandpa then proceeded to read out loud what he had discovered about Cory.  Cory smiled and said, “You've been pretty thorough, Grandpa.”

Grandpa said, “Thank you.   I pride myself on being a detailed oriented person.   Are you okay with what you heard, Cory?”

Cory nodded his head, “Yes.   It’s accurate so how can I object?”

Grandpa smiled and then asked, “Greg, do you understand the reason why I offered to help you?”

Greg nodded his head, “I think it is because you had a good source of information that enabled you to make a sound business decision in offering to pay for our college education in return for our continued employment with MST, Inc.”

“Yes, that is correct.   I learned you keep your promises and you work hard.   I have spoken at length with your mother about you,” Grandpa said.

Greg smiled, “I wondered if you had talked to her.”

Grandpa said, “We talked about many things but there is one thing in particular I want to discuss with you.   I asked your mother for her permission to adopt you as my son, Greg.”

Greg sat there in shock.   He didn’t know what to say or even what to think.   Finally he asked, “Why would you want to adopt me as your son?”

Grandpa had gone over this moment in his head many times and now it had arrived, he hoped things would go as planned.   “There are several reasons but let’s start with the most important one.   Greg, you need to understand I care about you and what happens to you.   I have tried to come up with ways we can work together to help you reach your full potential as a human being and every other option leads to a less than satisfactory answer.   By adopting you, I can provide you with a new lease on life.   I gain another son and you gain a loving and caring family.   Greg, we need you to be a part of our family.”

Grandpa stopped to give Greg a chance to react to his explanation.   Grandpa watched as several different expressions raced across Greg’s face.   He could see Greg’s shift from disbelief to hope and finally to anger.   Greg said in a voice hard with anger, “What makes you think I want to be part of family other than my own?”

This response had been one he had expected and had formulated an answer for, “Because you need to start over.   You view your family as a failed one, Greg.   You think your father failed you by not accepting you as gay and you have disowned him as your father.   Your mother has failed you because she can’t help you heal.   She is as much in need of healing as you are.   You have decided to disown her by distancing yourself from her as much as possible.   Isn’t that what you told her?”

Greg looked away from Grandpa’s penetrating stare but nodded his head in acknowledgement.   Grandpa continued, “You have been disowned by your mother’s parents because you are gay.   Your cousins won’t have anything to do with you except one who barely tolerates you.   Your sister blames you for what your father did and thinks you should have died when your father attacked you.”

Greg’s gaze returned to Grandpa as he said, “I don’t need a new family and I don’t need the family I have chosen to shut out of my life.   I am not going to leave myself vulnerable to anyone.   Family doesn’t mean anything to me anymore other than a weakness that leaves me open to emotional and physical abuse.”   The steely tone in his voice dared Grandpa to contradict him.

Grandpa’s tried to keep his expression neutral but failed.   With deep sadness in his voice, he said, “Then what future does Cory have with you?   Are you going to shut him out as well?   What future do you have without a support network?”

Cory took Greg’s hand in his.   He gently uncurled the Greg’s fist and then intertwined his fingers with Greg’s.   “Greg, Grandpa is right.   What future do we have together if you don’t want to be a family?  You have asked me to marry you but that means we will become a family which you have just stated you don’t want.”

Greg said, “I want you but I don’t need a family, at least not like one I have now.”

Cory said, “But that is what we are, Greg, you and I.   We are a family or will be if you will let us become one.   When we get married, you will inherit a Mom and Dad – my Mom and Dad.   You will become their son-in-law.”

Greg looked at Cory in silence and then said, “I don’t want a family.   My family has betrayed me including my mother.   She blames me just as much as Kathy does for Dad’s situation.   She has never said as much in words to me but I have overheard her talking to her friends.   She said, “I wish Greg had never come out of the closet because none of this would have happened if Greg had just moved away to be with Cory and lived their lives as they wished without telling us they were a couple.”   In fact, she is worse than my sister.   At least, Kathy is being totally honest about her hatred for me.   Mom says one thing but then goes and does another behind my back.”

Grandpa said, “I do not pretend to comprehend what you are going through, Greg, but I want you to know not all families are like yours.   You have seen with your own eyes what kind of a family we are.”

Greg looked at Grandpa and nodded his head.   “Yes, I have.”   His forlorn look told Grandpa Greg indeed knew exactly what Grandpa meant.    Greg’s throat constricted as he tried to hold back anguished cry that escaped.   The sound tore a hole in Grandpa’s heart.     

Cory released Greg’s hand and put his arm around him instead.   With his other hand, he wiped the tears from Greg’s face and said, “It’s going to be okay, Greg.”

Greg said through his tears, “I want to have what you have but I’m afraid I am not good enough for your family.”

Grandpa said, “I think you are intelligent enough to recognize the fallacy of that statement.   Just as you pointed out to me earlier, I am successful at what I do because I have learned to be a good judge of character.   I haven’t been wrong, yet.   Of course, there can always be a first time for everything.   However, in your case, I don’t think I am mistaken in saying you're a fine, young man.   Someone who will make me proud to say, “That’s my son!”   Of course, it is your decision to accept my offer to adopt you as my son.”   Here Grandpa paused and waited until he had Greg’s full attention.   “Let me repeat what I just said.   I don’t make mistakes when it comes to judging people’s character.   I am willing to accept the risk that this might be the time I've misjudged someone.”

Greg held Grandpa’s gaze as it started to sink in that this man was totally serious about adopting him into his family.   He had thought it a sick joke at first, a ploy to help him out of his depression.   That thought had made him angry.   He didn’t need anyone’s pit or charity for that matter.

Grandpa went on, “Of course, as my son, I have certain expectations of you that we need to establish up front.   I want you to change your last name to Scarborough.   That is the easiest thing to accomplish because it can be done through lawyers and the courts to legally change your name.   Next, you will start acting like a Scarborough.   Our family, the Scarboroughs, has a long and distinguished history which I expect you to learn about and contribute to extending our legacy.”

Grandpa spent the next hour talking about his family and how Greg would fit into the scheme of things where the family was concerned.   It was well past midnight when Grandpa looked over at the clock, “I'm sorry for keeping you two up so late.   We had best get to bed.   We have a full day planned for you tomorrow.”

Greg stood up and took Cory’s hand and helped him to his feet.   Grandpa came around the desk and embraced both boys and said, “Think about what we've talked about tonight.   Good night.”

Greg led Cory from the study and they made their way upstairs to their bedroom.   As they passed the guys’ bedroom doors, they grinned at each other.   Almost without exception, they could hear the occupants of the various rooms were engaged in pleasuring each other.   Greg said, “It feels good to be among friends, especially gay friends.”

Cory smothered a laugh, “Not to mention horny ones at that.”

They opened the door to their bedroom and were surprised to see that their clothes had been placed in the closet and that the bed had been turned down for them.   There was a note on the bed with a couple of chocolates.   Greg walked over and picked up the note.   It read, “Greg and Cory, we hope you enjoy your evening together!”

Greg laughed, “The guys left us the note.”   He handed the note to Cory to read.

Cory smiled and said, “It seems they know us pretty well already.   Most of all, we know what they are doing!”

Greg laughed and pulled Cory into his arms.   “Let’s get comfortable.”   They were both very horny and it didn’t take them long to strip off their clothes.   They soon joined in the same activities as the rest of the young studs in the house!

*** ***

Greg and Cory basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.   Greg held Cory in his arms and gently stroked Cory’s hair.   He looked into Cory’s eyes and asked, “What do you think I should do about Grandpa’s offer to adopt me as his son?”

Cory looked deeply into Greg’s eyes and replied, “I don’t feel strongly either way, Greg.   This is a decision you need to make on your own.”

“I feel a little uncomfortable with it, Cory.   It would make me Glenn and Keith’s uncle if Grandpa adopted me.   It doesn’t feel right to me,” Greg said.

Cory said thoughtfully, “Maybe what Grandpa wanted you to think about is changing your name.   You know….like starting over.   It would make sense, Greg.   You could remake yourself into the man you want to be and leave all of the old stuff behind.   Grandpa talked about that, too.”

“But he was serious about adopting me,” Greg said.   His eyes filled with tears but he didn’t lose control this time.   “You don’t know how that makes me feel inside, Cory.”

“Not true, Greg,” Cory said.   “I saw how it affected you downstairs and I can feel you trembling with the enormity of it.   Grandpa has rocked your world, Greg.”

Greg smiled.  “You were always one for stating the obvious.   Yes, his offer to adopt me has turned my world upside down.   I still can’t fathom how it would work though.”

Cory said, “It’s really quite simple, Greg.   You become a Scarborough.   That is all there is to it.”

“It’s not that easy, Cory,” Greg protested.

“Yes, it is.   You have already cut off all communication with your family.   You basically told your mother that when you talked to her last week.   Making the transition from your old family to the new one should be a piece of cake for you,” Cory said.

Greg shook his head, “I'm still not comfortable with the adoption thing.   I don’t want or need another grandparent telling me what to do.”

“Grandpa was pretty clear about his expectations if you decided to let him adopt you,” Cory said.

“Yeah, he has some pretty high standards.   I'm not sure I can measure up to those standards,” Greg said.

“What’s wrong with setting the bar high?   I think you are just too afraid you won’t measure up,” Cory said.   He said it gently and cupped Greg face with his hand to take the sting out of what he said.   “Don’t be angry with me, Greg.   I only want to help you work through this situation.”

Greg nodded his head.   “I know you are trying to help me.   I think I will ask Grandpa to help me change my name but I want to hold off on the adoption thing until I know him better.   I think you're right, Cory.   I just need to start over and make a clean break with my old life.   Changing my name will go a long ways towards doing that.   How do you feel about being Mr. Scarborough?”

Cory said, “As long as I am married to you, it doesn’t matter what your last name is.”   Cory kissed Greg lightly on the lips.   “I love you, Greg.”

Greg smiled, “I love you, too.   Thank you for being patient with me, Cory.   I know I haven’t been very pleasant to be around.”

Cory said, “You have been just fine to me.   That is important because it shows that despite how you feel, you can recognize I'm not the source of your troubles and can treat me with love and respect.   You can really tell the true nature of a person by how they act when they are down and out or when they don’t feel well.   If they treat people poorly, then that is how they really are.   If they still treat people with kindness and love, that is how they really are.”

Greg laughed.   “I had no idea you had become such a philosopher, Cory.”

Cory replied, “I’m not really a philosopher.   I'm just repeating what my Mom told me about people.”

Greg said, “I'm glad your parents are 100% behind us.   It makes it so much easier than if they had rejected us like my family has.”

“I talked to Mom about school, Greg.   She said we should take Grandpa’s offer to pay for our schooling.   She said it’s not any different than what the military offers people only its better because you don’t have to go to boot camp or do reserve duty,” Cory said.

Greg smiled at his lover.   “I will never join the military nor will you, Cory, because we are getting married very soon.”

Cory said, “I can’t wait.   Maybe Zach and Todd can help us make the arrangements to be married in Thunder Bay, Ontario, like they were.”

“I was thinking the same thing, Cory.   I was also thinking we should join them at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.   We would have a ready-made support group and we wouldn’t have to hide the fact we're gay like we would if we stayed here in Georgia,” Greg said.

Cory smiled, “I was hoping you felt that way because Justin has already talked to me about moving into the house with them.   I really like Justin, Greg.   He knows what we have been through.   We talked for quite a while this afternoon.”

Greg said, “I saw you talking to him.   I was beginning to get a little jealous until I saw Justin and Brian together afterwards.   They are so much in love, Cory.   Seeing how happy the married couples are makes me want to marry you tomorrow, Cory.   Zach and Todd, Mark and Brandon, Justin and Brian all seem to have that special newlywed glow to them.   I want that for us, Cory.   I want us to as happy as they are.”

Cory replied, “I want that, too, Greg.   Seeing them makes me think it's possible for us to be a family.   I have always dreamed of getting married to my sweetheart and raising a family.   When I was little, I liked to fantasize about who I would marry.   Mom used to try and correct me when I said I was going to find a handsome prince who would kiss me and carry me off to his castle.   She would say I was that handsome prince and that I was going to kiss the girl and carry her off.   I think I have always known I would marry a guy and that guy is you, Greg.”

Greg said, “I'm glad we found each other, Cory.”   He kissed Cory and then said, “We need to get some sleep.”

Cory said, “Yes, we do.”   He kissed Greg one more time before he turned over as Greg pulled him close to him and mold his body to Cory’s.   The touch of Cory’s skin excited him as usual.   He reached down and adjusted his aim and entered Cory.   He heard Cory moan with pleasure.   This only served to heighten Greg’s state of arousal.

*** ***

The next morning Zach knocked on our door and then walked in.   He was followed by the rest of the guys.   Rick grinned at them and asked, “What’s going on, Zach?”

“We want Greg and Cory to live with us in Minneapolis and we wanted to know what we could do to convince them to return with us,” Zach said.

Todd said, “We really like them and want to help them get started in life on the right track.”

I said, “I think that asking them directly would be the best option. “

Mark said, “Will you guys come with us?   We want to ask them right now.”

I looked at Rick, “I think we can do that.”

Rick got up and turned to pull me out of bed.   Zach whistled, “It’s good to know that Rick still looks good when he’s completely naked!”

Rick grinned and said, “I have to keep in shape to keep Glenn from looking elsewhere for a good fuck!”

“Looking at the size of your equipment, you won’t have to worry about Glenn trying to get in our pants any time soon!” Brandon declared.   “I don’t even come close to you.”

Rick said, “Okay, guys.   Enough talk about me.”   He pulled on his Speedos while I did the same.

Zach led us out of our bedroom and down the hall to Greg and Cory’s room.   He knocked and then opened the door and walked in.   Greg and Cory were just opening their eyes as we followed Zach into their room.   Zach said, “Good morning, boys.   Sorry to wake you guys up but we have a something we wanted to talk to you about.”

Greg looked at the eight guys who had just walked into their bedroom.  He liked what he saw.   He had seen them all in swim suits yesterday but this morning they all stood there in their all their glory.   Every one of them looked buff.   He could tell they all worked out.   After spending time in the sun, they all sported nice tans.   Cory looked over at Greg and smiled, “I could get used to being greeted by eight gorgeous guys every morning!”

Greg agreed, “I could, too.”

Zach said, “I'm glad to hear you say that because we want you two to live with us in Minneapolis and attend the University of Minnesota.   All of us want you to be part of our little family.”

Greg smiled, “We were going to ask you this morning if we could live with you guys.”

Todd said, “Yeah, great minds think alike!”   He high-fived Zach.

“Then it’s settled,” Brandon said.

Justin said, “I'm glad you want to live with us.   I can tell you from past experience that these guys are the best friends you will ever have.   They're really crazy sometimes but it makes our lives very interesting.”

“Yeah, like that time we had a contest to see how far everyone could shoot their cum,” Brian said.

I laughed.  “You lost Brian if I remember.”

Brian nodded.   “Yes, I did and I want a rematch now we have two new guys moving in with us.”

Cory said, incredulously, “Did you really have a contest like that?”

Zach laughed.  “We sure did.”

“I even participated in that contest,” Rick said, grinning.  

Greg asked, “Who won?”

Zach said with pride, “I did.”

Greg asked, “Can we have a contest right now?”

Everyone looked at me and I laughed and replied, “I think so as long as we lock the door and then clean up the mess afterwards.”

We quickly shed our clothes.   Zach organized us and then said, “You have to stand behind this line.”   He placed Greg’s shoe one of the planks in the hardwood floor.   “It’s wide enough here for five of us to go at one time.   Who wants to go first?”

Greg, Cory, Brandon, Rick and I all raised our hands.   Zach said, “I will keep track of who shoots the furthest for this round.   Rick, you will be the judge for the next round.”

Greg won the first round.   The next set came up and Zach tied Greg’s mark.   “Zach, it looks like you have met your match,” I said.

Zach grinned, “Only for this time.”

Greg laughed, “I look forward to a rematch.”

“You guys are completely crazy!” Cory exclaimed.   “But I love it.”

We cleaned up the floor and pulled our clothes back on.   Greg and Cory followed into the hallway and watched us as we returned to our rooms.   Greg was grinning from ear to ear as he turned to Cory and said, “I think that Minneapolis is looking better and better!”

Cory nodded his head in agreement, “It sure does.”

Greg asked, “Did you notice that every one of them is totally ripped?”

“Yes, I did.   I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them yesterday at the pool.   Even Glenn has a six-pack, Greg.   At least you look good, Greg.   I look like your scrawny kid brother.   I want you to work with me on the weights, Greg.   I want to be able to hold my own with these guys,” Cory said.

Greg said, “First off, Cory, I like you the way you are.   I don’t want you to start thinking you have to be a muscleman to keep my interest.   I want you to do it because it is something you want not because you think you need to do it for me.”

Cory nodded his head, “I want to do it because I like how you guys look.   I want that for myself, too, Greg.”

Greg said, “Then we will definitely have to hit the gym on a regular basis, Cory.   Those guys are super buff and it will take us a while to look like they do.”

Cory smiled and said, “What amazed me, Greg, is how well hung they are.”

“Yeah, they are that.   I thought I was well endowed but my junk pales in comparison to those guys with the exception of Glenn’s,” Greg said.

“Glenn and I are about the same in that department,” Cory said.  

Greg grinned and started massaging Cory’s crotch, “You are just the right size for me, Babe.”

Cory wrapped his arms around Greg’s neck as he kissed him passionately.   They didn’t make it down for breakfast for a while after that!

When they finally made their appearance, the rest of the guys grinned at them.   Zach asked, “I don’t need to ask what you were doing that took so long do I?’

Cory blushed and shook his head.   Greg just grinned and said, “I think you know.”

Todd laughed, “Just shows you two are normal.”

Cory looked at Todd and smiled, “I'm glad to know we are normal.   I thought we were abnormal because we like to fuck a lot.”

That statement brought a chorus of laughter from the table.   “Cory, believe me when I say you are very normal in that department,” Brandon said.

The conversation turned the plans for the day.   Grandma had arranged for us to ride horses most of the day.   Later, we would go swimming in the pool.    The day went as planned and we had a great time.

After we returned to the house and the pool, Greg and Cory met with Grandpa in his study.   He asked them, “Have you made up your minds what you plan to do?”

Greg nodded his head, “Yes, we have.   We will take you up on your offer to fund our college education in return for continued employment post-graduation.   As for your offer to adopt me as your son, I think I would like to have more time to get to know you if that would be okay with you?”

Grandpa nodded, “I'm very happy you have taken a cautious approach.   It reinforces my belief that I have chosen wisely.”

Greg smiled, “But I would like to change my last name to Scarborough.   We think it would be a good idea for us to start our lives together with a new name and a new lease on life.”

Grandpa smiled.   “I think that is an excellent idea.   I will have the paperwork drawn up and we will take care of it at the county courthouse before you leave for school.   Have you decided where you are going to college?”

“Yes, we're going to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with the rest of the guys,” Cory replied.

Grandpa nodded his head, again.   “Fantastic!   I will help you with the admissions paperwork.   I am happy with your decisions.”

Greg said, “Thank you for helping us think through things last night.   I really helped me to clear my head and reassess where I wanted to go with my life.”

Grandpa stood up and came around the desk.   He hugged both the boys and then said, “Go have fun with the rest of the gang.”

They left him in the study and did as he suggested.   They spent the remainder of the day swimming and joking around with their new friends.   Grandpa came outside and sat next to me and Rick on the pool deck.   He pointed at Greg and Cory and asked, “Have you noticed a difference?”

Rick said, “Yes, we did.   They have the same light in their eyes as the other guys.   Greg seems to be much happier.   Whatever you did last night worked.”

Grandpa nodded his head.   “It sure did.   I think we're on the right path with those two.   I'm very happy you two seem to always find good friends.”

I looked over at Rick and smiled.  “It’s because I have the most wonderful guy in the world as my boyfriend.”

Grandpa looked over at Rick and said, “I agree with you Glenn.   You did find the right man for you; and just as important, Rick found the right man for him.”

Rick put his arm around me and leaned over to kiss me lightly on the lips.   He then turned to Grandpa, “We both got what we need in a mate.”

Grandpa smiled and then said, “Joe and Kate called this morning.   They are in Atlanta with Keith and Kerry.”

I asked, “How is Kerry doing?”

“She is doing fine as is the baby.   Joe thought you guys might enjoy going to the beach for a few days and has offered to let you guys stay at their beach house.   He said to give him a call about it after you talk to your friends,” Grandpa said.

I looked at Rick who smiled and said, “I don’t think we even need to ask them.”   He nodded towards the guys goofing around in the pool.   “I know they would love to go the beach.”

I said, “I'm going ask them anyway.”   I stood up and walked over to the edge of the pool.   I yelled out, “Hey guys!   Come here for a second!”   When they had quieted down and moved closer to me, I asked, “How many of you want to go to the beach for a few days?”

They looked at each other and then chorused, “We do!”

“Okay, that settles it!   Kerry’s parents have invited us to spend a few days at their beach house.   I will call them to confirm that we will be taking them up on their offer,” I said.

Mark said, “Wow!   This is turning out to be a dream vacation!   Tell them thanks for us!”

“Will do,” I replied.

I walked back over and sat down next to Grandpa.   I asked, “Where did Rick go?”

Grandpa responded, “He went in to get his cell phone.”

Rick soon returned and sat down next to me.   “Do you want to make the call to Joe?”

I nodded my head, “Sure.”

Rick handed me his cell phone.  I found Joe’s number in Rick’s contact list and pushed the call button.   Joe picked up the call and said, “Hello, Rick.”

“Hi Joe, this is Glenn.   I am using Rick’s phone to call you about your offer to let us use your beach house for a few days,” I said.

Joe replied with a laugh, “I figured you would take me up on my offer.   Let me give you the information you will need to get into the house.”   He proceeded to tell me where the keys were hidden and the code to the security system.   I stepped inside the house to get a pencil and paper to write them down.   I said, “Got it.   Thank you for letting us use your place.”

Joe said, “Not a problem.   If you parents want to join you guys, they can use our master bedroom.”

“I will ask them if they want to go with us,” I replied.

“Have fun,” Joe said.

“Thanks,” I said and ended the call.

Mom and Grandma were sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and had listened to the end of my conversation.   Mom asked, “What was all of that about?”

“Joe and Kate Mitchell, Kerry’s Mom and Dad, have offered to let us stay at their beach house for a few days.   Joe suggested that I ask you and Dad about going to the beach with us,” I explained.

Mom smiled, “What do you want us to do, Glenn?”

I thought for a split second and then responded, “I don’t mind you guys coming with us as long as Dad doesn’t try to lecture us about doing our duty to the family.”

Grandma looked at me in surprise, “What has he been saying to you?”

Mom looked at me with consternation in her eyes.   I knew she didn’t want me to tell Grandma what had been going on between me and Dad but I wasn’t going to pretend that nothing was happening.   “He has lectured me and Randy that we have duty to the family to get married to a woman and have children to carry on the family name.”

Grandma looked to Mom for confirmation, “Is that true, Eva?”

Mom nodded her head and said, “Don and I have been arguing about it for quite some time now.   I told him he needed to back off and let our boys be happy.   He doesn’t want to accept the fact that they are gay and have found life partners.”

“I thought he had reconciled himself to the fact that they are who they are,” Grandma said in surprise.

“No, he made peace with Randy and Shawn but he hasn’t given up hope of convincing them to split up and find a woman to marry.   He has also been putting pressure on Glenn to leave Rick,” Mom said.

Grandma said, “When will Don ever learn that you can’t force people to do what you want?”

“Randy got into a shouting match with Don last week.   Randy told him in no uncertain terms that Don was out of line,” Mom said.   She glanced over at me and said, “So far, Glenn has been pretty tolerant of his Dad’s statements but I’m afraid that won’t last long if he keeps at it.”

“You are so right, Mom,” I said.   The last time he lectured me about it, I hung up on him I was so ticked off at him.   I told Rick what Dad has been saying.   Rick thought it was pretty hypocritical of Dad to be saying he loved Rick like his own son and then turn around and attempt to convince me to leave him.”

Mom said, “We have argued about that as well.   Rick is a wonderful young man and I am looking forward to the day I can officially call him my son-in-law.”

“I don’t know what happened, Mom.   Dad seemed so supportive and very welcoming to Rick and I.   But when Rick left for active duty, all of sudden things seemed to change.  It was almost like Dad saw an opportunity to put a wedge between me and Rick and he hasn’t let up, yet,” I said shaking my head in disbelief.   “It is the last thing Rick needs to be subjected to after everything Rick has been through with his family.   I have worked very hard to help Rick and I know you have, too, Mom.   It’s like Dad is trying to sabotage everything we are trying to accomplish.   He keeps undermining Rick’s faith in people, specifically anyone he might want to call family.”  Unbeknownst to me, Dad had come up behind me as I made this last statement.   Mom tried to signal to me to stop but I kept going.   “Dad needs to understand that he is driving us away.   Right now, there is no way in hell I would return home after what Dad has said to me.”

Dad cleared his throat and I turned around and looked him in the eye.   He said, “I am glad to finally hear how you really feel, Glenn.”

“Yes, it is time for you to hear it from me that you have overstepped your bounds.   If you persist in trying to drive me and Rick apart, we will cut off all contact with you.   We want to have a relationship with you but we won’t tolerate interference in our relationship by anyone,” I said.

“Well, you are your own man now,” Dad said sarcastically.

Eva said, “Don, stop!”

“No, Mom, let him continue.   If he really wants me and Randy to finish the job that he started when he disowned Randy and Shawn, then let him go ahead and say what’s on his mind.   Rick and I won’t darken your doorstep ever again if you are going to say what you seem to have on your mind, Dad,” I said holding his gaze.   I saw Dad blink twice as it sank in that he was facing the loss of a son.   I continued in a voice that was quiet but hard as steel.   “The ball is in your court now, Dad.   You can decide to accept the fact that I am gay and have a life partner who is perfect for me or you can choose to continue your campaign against us.”

Dad finally spoke, “Are you threatening me?”

“No, Dad, I have just made you a promise.   If you try to force your views on us, we will finish the job you started with Randy.   You disowned Randy and Shawn.   This time we will disown you and there won’t be any turning back this time,” I said.   “I am asking you to treat us with respect and dignity.   Trying to browbeat me into submission is not going to work.”

Rick walked into the kitchen and looked from me to my Dad and back at me.   He seemed to know what we were talking about because he walked over and put his arm around my shoulders and said, “I thought I could trust you, Mr. Nielsen, but I think you have proven to me that you lied to me when you said you loved me like a son.   I am very sorry that you have chosen to betray the trust I had in you.”

Rick’s statement seemed to hit home because Dad’s expression changed and he turned and walked out of the kitchen without saying a word.

  Grandma said, “Boys, give Don some time to think about what you have said.   I think he will come around eventually.   Be patient with him.”

“But Grandma, he has said some pretty terrible things to me.   I haven’t talked back to him or argued with him about it.   I have tried to reason with him but he keeps insisting that he wants more grandchildren to carry on the family name.   I have told him repeatedly that we want to have a family but just not right now,” I said.   “He won’t accept that answer.   He tells me that adopting children isn’t the same as having my own children.”

Rick said, “We want to be married before we adopt children.   That means we will need to wait four more years for me to get out of the military.”

Grandma nodded her head in understanding, “I know, Rick.   Your Grandpa and I have discussed it several times.   We want to be there for you when you finally tie the knot.   Never mind what Don has said about adopting children.   Adopted children are just like your own.   They will love you and you will love them.   When the time is right, you will have a family of your own.”

Rick asked, “What did Joe say?”

I had totally forgotten why I had come inside in the first place.   I said, “Joe said we could stay at their beach house and gave me all the particulars about getting the key and how to disarm the alarm system.”

Rick grinned, “Let’s go tell the guys.   I want to leave as soon as we can get packed.”

Grandma smiled, “I thought that might be the case.   I have packed a nice lunch for you to take with you to the beach.   Everything is in the coolers by the door.   You can drop them back by here on your way back to Atlanta.”

I said, “Grandma, I love you.”  I walked over and gave her a hug and quick kiss on the cheek.

She smiled, “I love you, too, Glenn.   I was young once so I understand you all too well!   Go tell your friends.   I am sure they will be just as excited as you are to be going to the beach.”

I grabbed Rick’s hand and led him back outside.   I stepped up to the edge of the pool, “We are going to the beach!”

The guys all shouted, “Hurrah!”

Patty and Irene were sitting next to Grandpa.   I walked over and said, “Joe said you girls can use their master bedroom so you can have some privacy.   The rest of us will camp out wherever we can find a place to crash.”

Patty smiled, “Thank you, Glenn.   We don’t have to worry about you guys taking advantage of us.”

Irene laughed, “I am trying to figure out how I can get one of you into my bed!   I still resent the fact you are gay, Glenn.   Every one of you could be a girl’s dream come true but, alas, it is not to be.”   She sighed and looked over the group of handsome guys.  

I grinned and said, “Maybe you will meet someone at the beach.”

“I hope so!” Irene exclaimed with a wide grin.   “It would be a shame not to have some fun while I’m here.”

Patty said, “We will find some cute guys who will pay attention to us, Irene.   I am sure that the guys will help us out.   Won’t you, Glenn?”

I nodded my head, “Sure thing.”   I thought for a moment and then I turned to Grandpa.   “Grandpa, do you think your neighbors, Dale and David, would be interested in going down to the beach?”

Grandpa smiled, “I don’t know.   You should call them and ask.   Your Grandma has their number.”

I walked back inside.   I entered the kitchen and asked Grandma, “Do you have Dale and David’s phone number?”

“Sure.   It’s right there by the telephone.   Are you inviting them to go to the beach with you?” she asked.

“Yes.   Patty and Irene want someone to pay attention to them and I thought Dale and David would like to go with us,” I replied.   I called the number and asked, “Hello.   Is David there?” I asked.

“Speaking,” David said.

“Hey, this is Glenn Nielsen,” I said.

“It’s nice to hear from you, Glenn.   What’s going on?” David asked.

“We are going to the beach and I wanted to know if you and Dale would be interested in joining us?” I said.

“I would.   Let me ask Dale,” David said.   I heard a muffled conversation and then David returned to say, “Yes, we both will come.   When are you leaving?”

“As soon as you can get here.   Bring enough clothes for three or four days,” I said.

David said, “We will be there in about 15 minutes.”

True to his word, David showed up with Dale in tow.   I saw them pull into the driveway.   I opened the front door to let them in.   I said, “Thanks for coming, guys.   Come out to the pool and I will introduce you the rest of the gang.”

David and Dale looked like twins.   They were one year apart.   David was 22 and Dale was 21.   They were both 6’4” and built like football players.   They had blond hair, blue eyes, boyishly round faces with a small nose and mouth.   They wore their hair at shoulder length.   It was obvious that they both worked out a lot.   They wore matching white golf shirts and khaki shorts with Nike trainers and white ankle socks.   They both grinned as they caught me giving them the once over.   David said, “I am glad we both meet with your approval, Glenn.”

I blushed, “I am sorry.   I didn’t mean…”

David cut me off, “We know you are gay, Glenn.   We are quite flattered that you approve of how we look.”   He winked at me and said, “I know you are taken but if you ever need a new boyfriend, let me know.”   He winked at me and I laughed.

I responded, “You guys are great!”

Rick joined me.   He said, “Hey guys!   It’s good to see you!   I am glad you can join us.”

Dale smiled and said, “Thank you for inviting us.   Now, where is the rest of the gang?”

We walked through the house and outside to the pool.   We walked over and introduced them to Patty and Irene.   I said, “Patty and Irene, these are our cousins, David and Dale Bragg.”

They both nodded their heads and David quickly came over to shake their hands, “Nice to meet you.”  

Dale said, “Same here.   Do you mind if we join you?”

Patty smiled up at the two men and said, “We would love to have you join us.”

The guys grabbed two chairs and they sat on either side of the two girls.   Rick and I left them to get acquainted while we went over to the pool and jumped in for a quick swim before we had to leave.   Greg swam over to us and asked, “Who are those guys?”

I answered, “They are my cousins, David and Dale Bragg.   They are going with us to the beach.”

Greg looked at them and said, “They sure are good looking.   If I didn’t have Cory, I would be angling to get one of them in bed with me.”

I laughed, “Greg, how are you going to handle being around so many good looking guys in Minneapolis?”

Greg grinned, “Well, I won’t have to worry about my roommates because they are taken!   As for all the other guys on campus, we will just have to see what Cory and I can work out between us!”

“Have you talked about having an open relationship?” I asked.

“No, we haven’t but I would definitely like to try it if Cory is willing to go along with it,” Greg said, still eyeing my handsome cousins.

Rick saw Greg’s look and laughed, “I think the girls will have some competition for their attention.”

Greg nodded his head, “That is for sure!”

I looked at the clock on the back of the house and turned to Rick, “If we plan to get to the beach in time for lunch, we need to be leaving soon.”

Rick nodded, “Okay.”   He cupped his mouth with both of his hands and shouted, “Time to leave for the beach!”

Everyone climbed out of the pool.   Zach looked at me and asked, “Who are these guys?”

I walked over and interrupted David and Dale, “Let me introduce you to the rest of the guys.”   David and Dale stood up and listened as I pointed to each guy and said their names.   They acknowledged each on with a smile and a nod.   David said, “We are glad to meet you all.   Are all of you bodybuilders?   It sure looks like it from here.”

Zach said, “No, we aren’t but we work out regularly.   Todd, Mark and I are on the hockey team at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.   The rest of the guys are our roommates and go with us to work out most every day.”

“Glenn told us some of you are married.   Is that true?” Dale asked.

Todd replied, “We all are married.   Zach is my husband.   Mark is married to Brandon and Justin is married to Brian.   Of course, you know about Glenn and Rick already.”

Dale grinned, “Yes, we know about them.   David and I have a little bet on when they will get married.”

Rick laughed, “So when are we going to get married?”

David said, “Can’t tell or it will ruin the bet.”

Grandpa said, “I will predict that they will get married four years from now give or take a month or two.”  We all turned to Grandpa who looked at us and said, “It makes perfect sense.   Glenn loves Rick too much to force him to leave the military before he has finished his commitment to the Marine Corps.   So that means they won’t get married until after Rick is out of the Marines.   I think that it will be a few months after that to get things ready.”   He turned to me and Rick, “Am I wrong, Glenn?”

I shook my head in the negative.   Grandpa knows me too well.   “We will wait until Rick is out of the military to get married.”

David looked at his brother with a big grin.   “I think I am going to win, Dale.”

Dale shrugged his shoulders, “We’ll see.”

Grandpa said, “You young people go on now and get yourselves ready for the beach.”

We quickly showered and changed into some dry clothes.   I packed our bags and Rick helped me carry them down to the Land Rover.   The guys loaded into their cars.   David and Dale invited the girls to ride with them.   Patty was very pleased and climbed into the front seat with David.   Dale helped Irene into the back seat and then he went around to the other side and got in beside her.   I could see that both girls were already enjoying the attention my cousins were lavishing on them.   I waved to them as they pulled out of the driveway.   I had given David the directions to the beach house already so we knew they would arrive there without any problems.

*** ***

The trip to the beach went quickly.   We arrived at the beach house and followed the directions Joe had given me.   I quickly found the house key.   I unlocked the door and disabled the alarm system.   As we were bringing in the lunch Grandma made for us, the rest of the guys pulled in.   I showed everyone where to stow their gear, the girls in the master bedroom and the rest of us in the various bedrooms.   Rick unpacked the coolers and spread everything out on the dining room table.   He yelled up the stairs, “Come and get it!”

We made our way back downstairs and gathered around the table.   Rick looked at me and said, “Let’s say grace.”

Everyone grabbed the hand of the person on either side of them as I said grace.   Then we ate the delicious lunch.  Justin said, “Your Grandma is the best!”

Brian nodded his head, “She even remembered that I am a vegetarian.”   He held up his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and his mini vegetable platter with his name on it.

David said, “She even remembered my favorite dessert – pecan pie.”

Rick smiled, “That’s my favorite dessert, too.   Grandma labeled the pie for me and David.”   He pointed to the label on the pecan pie.   “She put in a coconut crème pie for Zach, Todd and Mark.   There’s a lemon meringue pie for the girls and Brandon and then there’s an apple pie for Brandon and Dale.”

“And there’s a pumpkin pie for me and Brian,” I said with a smile.   “Grandma remembered all of us.   Our sandwiches were individualized as well.”

We finished eating and then we changed into our swimwear and headed to the beach.   Rick organized the guys to help carry the beach volleyball set down to the beach.   The rest of us carried the beach umbrellas and chairs.   Last, but not least, we hauled a cooler with our favorite beverages with lots of ice!

Once everything was set up, Rick set up a beach volleyball tournament.   Before we started playing, I went over to Rick with a bottle of sunscreen, “You need to put some of this on before you get burned.”

I squeezed out some into my hands and then spread it evenly on his back and then turned him around to put some on Rick’s face.   Rick glanced over to see that the rest of the guys were getting the same treatment from their spouses.    David was helping Patty and Dale was helping Irene.   I spread some more sunscreen on Rick’s chest.   I finished with his arms and legs.   Rick took the sunscreen bottle from me and did the same for me.   We finished with a quick kiss.  I whispered, “I love you.”

Rick grinned, “I know.   I love you, too.”

We played volleyball the rest of the afternoon.   We swam in the ocean from time to time just to cool off.   Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.   As the sun started to set, we took down all of the equipment and hauled it back to the house.   Rick and I volunteered to make a run to the grocery store.    We soon returned with steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs for the grill.   We picked up milk, cereal, eggs, bacon and sausage for the next morning.  

After eating dinner, we relaxed in the family room in front of the big screen television.   I was sitting in my favorite place between Rick’s well-muscled legs.   I leaned back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.   I must have been very tired because next thing I remember is Rick carrying me upstairs to our room.   He undressed me and quickly stripped out of his clothes and joined me in bed.   Greg and Cory shared the other bed in our room.   It wasn’t long before we were all asleep.

The next morning I woke up with the feeling that I was being watched.   I lifted my head from the warmth of Rick’s chest and looked to see if he was awake.   I smiled as watched a little smile playing at the corners of his mouth.   He was very much still asleep or at least pretended to be.   I rolled over and met Greg’s eyes as he watched me intently.   He remained silent as he continued to hold my gaze.   I waited patiently until he finally spoke, “Glenn, would you mind if I became your uncle?”

His question didn’t make any sense to me but I answered, “Greg, you already are part of my family.   It doesn’t matter if you want to be called brother, cousin, uncle, or anything else.”

“No, I mean, what if your Grandpa adopted me as his son, would you be upset?” Greg asked.

“No, why would I be?” I responded.

“I just wondered because your Grandpa asked if he could adopt me as his son,” Greg responded.

I smiled, “Good for Grandpa and good for you, too.   I hope you told him it was okay.”

Greg said, “I asked Grandpa to give me some time to think about it.   I just met Grandpa a few days ago and I don’t know much about him.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if Grandpa adopts you or not, Greg.   You will be a part of our family just like the rest of the guys are.   Zach, Todd, Mark, Brandon, Justin and Brian are all part of my family.   When you get to Minneapolis, you will meet Robbie and Adam.    They are part of my family, too.   They will be the best roommates you will ever have,” I said.

Rick stirred and I looked over my shoulder to see his eyes open.   He saw me looking at him and he smiled.   “Good morning, Glenn.”

He put his arm around me and pulled me close, spooning up against me with his morning wood nestling just where I wanted it.   I turned my head and kissed him.

Rick said, “I like it when you kiss me first thing in the morning.”  Rick glanced across the room at Greg.   He said, “Glenn is correct, Greg.   You are already a part of our family.   If you want to be adopted, then go for it!   I wouldn’t do it if it’s not what you want.   I certainly understand the need to start over.   I have thought about marrying Glenn and changing my last name to Nielsen so I can get rid of the bad memories.   However, I also want to continue to be me and changing my name won’t change who I am.   You probably have already thought about making a name change without going through the formal adoption process.”

Greg nodded his head, “Cory and I talked about changing our names yesterday.   I think we will do that no matter what.   I will wait until we have been away from home a while before I will start the process to get my name changed.”

Cory said, “I told you, Greg, that I didn’t think we needed to go through with an adoption. “
Greg smiled at Cory, “Yes, you did.   I need to learn to listen to you, Cory.”

Cory grinned and said, “You heard it here first, guys.   Greg finally admitted that he needs to listen to me.”   He kissed Greg and then turned to look at us, “How do you guys manage to keep your relationship fresh and vibrant?   I am a little scared that after a while we will get bored with each other.”

Rick said, “We are always looking for ways to make the other happy.”

I laughed, “Just like he’s doing right now.”

Greg’s smile grew broader than it already was, “Let me guess.   Rick’s fucking you as we speak.”

I moaned in pleasure instead of answering him.   Rick said, “That is exactly what I am doing.”

Greg kissed Cory and said, “See, I am not the only one who likes to fuck first thing in the morning.”

Cory straddled Greg and then bent down to kiss him as he moved around on top of him.   It wasn’t long before they were doing the same thing we were.  

*** ***

We got up and showered a short time later.   We wondered down the stairs and into the kitchen.   We were surprised to see David and Dale cooking breakfast with Patty and Irene sitting at the table watching them.   We joined the girls at the table.   David gave me a big grin, “Good morning, cousin.”

“Good morning, David,” I replied and then I did a double take as I took in the mark on his neck.   I looked over at Patty and saw she had one, too.   I grinned and said, “It looks like I wasn’t the only one who had a great time last night.”  Patty and Irene both turned bright red.   When I looked closer at Irene, I could see that she was positively glowing.   Man!   How did I miss that?

Patty met my gaze and grinned at me, “David is a great guy.”

David said, “Yeah, cousin, you should listen to her.   She knows what she is talking about.”   He winked at Patty and she burst out laughing.   This was a side of Patty I have never seen.   She was giggling like a school girl.

Rick asked, “What about you, Dale?”

Dale had been ignoring us during this whole exchange.   He turned from cooking pancakes and smiled.   “I don’t kiss and tell,” he said.

Irene said, “Thank you, Dale.”

Patty said, “Let’s just say that we are very happy that you invited your cousins to join us at the beach.”

Zach and Todd walked into the kitchen and greeted us, “Good morning!”

They looked at Patty and Irene and smiled.   Zach said, “Patty, I don’t want to hear a word about us gay guys making out.”

Patty blushed, again, and said, “You won’t hear a word from me, Zach.”

Dale looked at Zach and asked, “What do you mean by that Zach?”

“Dale, just leave it alone,” Patty said.

Zach laughed, “I think he deserves an answer, Patty.”

Patty was blushing furiously by now.   She looked at Dale and said, “I have always given these guys a hard time about making out in front of me and not even offering me a kiss or anything.”

Todd smiled, “But last night we were out on the beach making out in the surf when we were joined by David and Patty.”

Patty looked at David and said, “I am sorry if I embarrassed you, David.”

David grinned, “I am not embarrassed in the least, Patty.   We had a great time and I know that Zach and Todd did as well.”

Todd nodded his head, “We sure did.”

“I love making out in the surf under starlight,” Zach said.   “There was even a sliver of the moon to make the evening just perfect.”

Patty smiled, “You always have been so romantic, Zach.”

“That is true, Patty,” Zach said with a smile.

Dale finished cooking the pancakes and placed them on the table.   He pulled scrambled eggs and sausage out of the microwave where he had placed them to keep warm.   David retrieved the plates and cups while Zach and Todd got the orange juice, milk and silverware.   Soon we were all seated around the table.

Patty said, “I will say grace.”

When she was finished, we jumped in with gusto.   The rest of the guys showed up just as we finished eating.   Dale said, “There is more food in the microwave for you guys.”

Mark looked in the microwave.   “Thank you for making breakfast, Dale.”   He pulled out more scrambled eggs and sausage.

Dale pointed to a plateful of pancakes on the counter, “There are the pancakes.”

Brandon grabbed the plate of pancakes and placed it on the table.   We moved around the table to accommodate Mark, Brandon, Greg, Cory, Justin and Brian.   All of them looked well rested.   Their tan faces were happy and very content.   Brandon asked, “Can we sunbathe in the nude on this beach?”

I said, “I don’t think so.”

Brandon smiled, “I want to try it just once.   I so hate tan lines.   I want to be tan all over.”

Rick said, “We could set up a couple of screens on the patio and you could sunbathe in privacy here at the house.”

Mark smiled, “That sounds great.”

After everyone finished eating, we helped David and Dale clean up the kitchen.   Then we found the screens in the front room and moved them outside on the patio and arranged them so that the patio was shielded from the view of any prying eyes.   As soon as the screens were in place, the guys shed their swim suits and spread out on the patio furniture to get some rays.  

I looked a question at Rick and he shrugged.   I decided to join my friends and pulled off my swim suit.   Rick did the same and we joined them on the patio.   Just as we got comfortable, David and Dale walked out on the patio.   They wolf whistled and David said, “Wow!   You guys are a sight to see.”

Mark said, “Lose the swim suits guys.   This is a nudist convention!”

Dale laughed, “Okay, I think we can do that.”

Patty and Irene walked out onto the patio.   David and Dale stopped dropping with swim suits when they saw the girls.   Patty laughed and said, “Did you guys forget that we saw you naked last night?”

David smiled, “No, I haven’t forgotten.”

Patty and Irene stripped out of their bikini swim suits and found a lounge chair to lie on in the sun.   David and Dale followed their lead and joined them.   After a few hours, I went inside and started lunch.   It felt so liberating to be able to walk around the house completely naked.   Rick joined me in the kitchen.   He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.   I started to turn around when Rick stopped me and he spread my legs apart.   “Hold still, Babe.   I am going to take you to new heights of passion.”   He nibbled on my ears and neck as he did just that!

*** ***

Rick took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the shower.   He had a big grin on his face.   “I have always wanted to do that, Glenn.” 

I laughed, “I enjoyed every minute of it.”

We got cleaned up and then went back downstairs to the kitchen.   I looked at the floor and said, “I will get the mop to clean up the floor.”   I retrieved the mop and mop bucket from the hall closet.   I filled the bucket with warm water and some soap.   I had just finished mopping when Patty came into the kitchen.

She asked, “What happened?”

I laughed and pointed to Rick, “He’s what happened.”

Patty looked puzzled at first and then she laughed, “You two are amazing!   I can’t believe you two had sex here in the kitchen!”  Rick nodded his head but he didn’t say anything.   Patty continued, “That sounds so sexy.   I think I will talk to David about it.”

David came up behind her and said, “Talk to me about what?”

Patty said, “I want to have sex here in the kitchen sometime while we are here.”

David laughed, “I am all for that.   We will need some time to ourselves.”

Rick walked over and took my hand, “Let’s go, Glenn.   We will keep the rest of them outside until you let us know it’s okay to come inside.”

We left them and rejoined our friends on the patio.

*** ***

We spent the rest of the week at the beach.   We were all a little sad to have to leave.   We strengthened our friendships and grew closer together during that week.   We still talk about that week at the beach when we get together with them.

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