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The Man from Swift Current Chapter Thirty Seven - Randy and Shawn


Chapter Thirty Seven – Randy and Shawn

I moved my things down from my Grandparents’ house before we flew to Saskatchewan to see my parents.   We boarded the plane in Atlanta after getting through security for international departures.   Grandpa had booked our flights and made sure we had seats together.   Grandpa had offered to put us in first class but we protested because then we wouldn’t be able to sit close to each other!   Grandpa laughed and agreed to book seats in business class so Rick would have a few extra inches for his long legs.

We took our seats with Rick sitting next to the window and me in the middle seat next to him.   Fortunately for us, no one sat in the aisle seat.   As soon as we were airborne, Rick turned to me and said, “I am really nervous.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I am about to meet your family and I don’t how they'll react to me,” Rick said, taking my hand.   “Won’t they be a little suspicious of the fact I swept you off your feet so soon after you broke up with Ian?”

“Relax, Rick.   I've told them you're not anything like Ian.   Besides, if you pass Randy and Shawn’s inspection, Mom and Dad will welcome you with open arms,” I said.   As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I wished I hadn’t said them.  

Rick face grew pale and he said, “I'm even more nervous to meet your brother and his husband because I'll be under a microscope as they determine if I’m good enough for you.”

“Rick, calm down!   Randy is super nice and Shawn is too.   However, I do have to warn you not to freak out if Shawn doesn’t say much when you meet him.   He tends to be very quiet and won’t speak for a bit until he gets to know you.”

Rick tried to force a smile.  “You aren’t exactly helping to calm my nerves by telling me all of this.”

I reached over and grabbed the blanket the stewardess had left us and spread it over our laps.  I put my hand on the inside of his leg and started to massage it, moving upwards from Rick’s knee until I reached Rick’s growing package.   Rick looked at me and grinned.  “Glenn, how are we going to explain the mess if you keep that up?”

I gave an evil laugh, then said, “I am not the one who will have to do the explaining!”

Rick grabbed my hand to stop me from jerking him off.  “You're a little trouble maker!”

I grinned and leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.   “But you love me anyway,” I whispered in his ear before leaning back in my seat.

Rick smiled and said, “Yes, I do love you very much.   I'm glad you moved in with me.”

“Now that I've found you, I'm not going to let you go,” I said, looking him in the eyes.   “I'm very excited to introduce you to my family.   My sister, Nancy, wants to meet you something terrible.   She can’t believe I managed to snag the most handsome guy in the world!”

Rick laughed.  “No, Glenn.   I'm the one who caught the most handsome guy in the world.”

I blushed at Rick’s praise.   I still wasn’t used to anyone thinking I was handsome by any means.   I've always viewed myself as rather plain….just another farm boy from the wheat fields of Saskatchewan.   I thought about the first time Rick and I had sex and how Rick made my whole body come alive.   Ian had never done that to me.   It had always been about getting Ian’s rocks off but with Rick it was very different.   Rick’s focus was all about giving me the experience of a lifetime.   He told me he wanted our first time together to be one of those memories we would cherish forever.   Just thinking about it got me excited.

Rick interrupted my thoughts, “What are you thinking about, Babe?”

I leaned over and whispered in his hear, “I was thinking about our first time together.”   I took his hand and moved it so he could feel the tent in my pants.

Rick grinned broadly, “See, I told you I wanted that night to be one we would never forget!”

“I was just thinking about how you made love to me and how I felt that night.   I knew I loved you then; and the more I'm around you the more I learn just how special you are to me,” I said.   “I think my family will see for themselves you're my soul mate.”

I continued to tell Rick about my brothers and sister.   By the time we landed in Toronto, I had covered everything I thought he should know about us.    We changed planes and flew on to Regina, Saskatchewan.  We were both tired when we finally arrived.   We deplaned and headed to the baggage claim.  

We had just retrieved our luggage when I spotted my brother and let out a yell, “Randy!”

Rick watched as I threw myself into the arms of a tall, handsome man.   Randy’s rugged good looks make him a man’s man.   He’s about 188 cm. (6’2”) tall and 91 kg. (200 pounds) of pure muscle.   He wore a skin tight muscle shirt and tight fitting jeans that didn’t leave much to the imagination.   My brother just oozed sexuality!  Where I'm fair-skinned with blond hair and blue eyes, Randy is deeply tanned with dark brown hair that matched his dark, brown eyes.  

I released Randy from my hug and turned back towards Rick.  "Randy, I want you to meet my partner, Rick.”

Randy extended his hand as he looked Rick over from head to toe, his eyes lingering on his crotch momentarily.   Rick shook Randy’s hand.  “I’m glad to meet you.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.   Rick, this is my life partner and husband, Shawn.”  Randy turned to put his arm around Shawn’s waist.

Shawn was a few centimeters shorter than Randy but just as ruggedly handsome and equally tanned as my brother.   Shawn has jet black hair he keeps in a pony tail and dark brown skin and jet black eyes.   Standing side by side, they made a very handsome couple.

Shawn shook Rick’s hand but didn’t say anything to him but nodded his head as an acknowledgment of the introduction.  I watched Shawn’s penetrating gaze unnerve Rick.   I had experienced it when I first met Shawn.   It was like he was looking into my soul and finding things I didn’t want anyone to know.   Shawn had an uncanny way of knowing things about you.

I said, “Randy, I’m happy to see you.   Mom said you were working here in Regina.”

“Yes, I'm temporarily teaching at the RCMP academy here in Regina,” Randy said.

Rick asked, “What is the RCMP?”

Randy responded, “Sorry, Rick.   I just assumed you would know.  RCMP stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.   The RCMP has its training academy here.   I've been “loaned” to the academy as a teacher while they make a permanent selection.   Shawn and I live in Vancouver.”

“How long will you be in Regina?” I asked.

“It looks like a couple more months at least.   We're happy to help out here but we don’t want to leave Vancouver.”

During this entire conversation, Shawn had been quietly observing Rick and me.   I could feel his eyes us on constantly.    When Rick met his gaze, Rick was always the one to break off the staring contest.

“Let’s go guys!   I’m hungry!   Shall we stop and get something to eat before we take you to our apartment?” Randy asked.

Rick and I both said, “Yes!”

“Good, I know of a great buffet place not far from here.   The plan is for you to spend the night at our place and we'll drive you down to the farm tomorrow.   Is that okay with you, Glenn?” Randy asked.

We piled our luggage in the back of Shawn’s Land Rover and climbed into the back seat where Rick draped his arm across my shoulders and leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

Randy laughed and said, “I saw that Rick!   I hope you have good intentions with my little brother!”

For some reason, Randy’s comment made Rick blush deeply.   “Why Rick!   We do blush rather prettily, don’t we?”

I had warned Rick about Randy’s quick wit and ready repartee.   I poked him in the side to remind him silence was the best option here rather than to be made to appear the fool.

“What?   No response to my question?   Well, well, well.   I guess we will have to see about that shortly,” Randy said with a big grin on his face.

Rick looked over to see I was blushing as well at Randy’s comments.  I reached over and took Rick’s hand in mine.   I smiled at Rick to let him know I appreciated his support.

“Rick, what are you studying at school?” Randy asked.

“I’m studying mechanical engineering.   This will be my second year at Georgia Tech,” Rick responded.

“Glenn, Mom tells me you are going to pursue the same course of study, as well.   Is that true?” Randy asked.

“That’s right, Randy,” I said.

“Your choice of major doesn’t have anything to do with the fact Rick is studying the same thing, now does it, Glenn?” Randy teased me.

I blushed as I responded to my brother’s question, "Well, just a little bit.   I wanted to be with Rick as much as possible and besides that, Rick can help me study since he had the same courses last year.”

Rick anticipated Randy’s next statement about the same time I did because he blushed just as did I.   “I’m certain that is not all Rick helps you study.”  Randy said laughing at our discomfort.

“I’m sorry, Glenn.   I just can’t help teasing you a little bit.   It’s hard to believe my baby brother is all grown up now.   Of course, you've always been the easiest one to tease.”  Randy said.   He paused and then continued, “Shawn here is an artist.   He specializes in bronze sculptures.   A couple of his pieces are on display in Vancouver.   He has been commissioned to create a sculpture garden dedicated to the First Nations of Canada.   We're very excited about his new project.”

“Is Shawn the only artist working on the project?” Rick asked.

“No, he and two other artists are working collaboratively on it.   All three will contribute a minimum of 4 bronze sculptures to be placed in the garden but Shawn is in charge of the overall layout and design of the garden,” Rick elaborated.  “The other artists are members of the First Nations as is Shawn.”

I asked, “So how is Shawn able to work on his project while you are here in Regina?”

“He has already finished the layout and the design of the garden.   In fact, the garden has been completed except for the placement of the sculptures.    Shawn has finished two sculptures already and is working on three more,” Rick said, with obvious pride in his partner’s work.

Shawn spoke for the first time since we had gotten into the Land Rover, “Randy makes things much more than they are.   One of my friends from grade school is an artist as well and is much better known than I am.   She was asked to put this project together and recommended they approach me to lead the project and she suggested it be a combined effort between us and one other of our artist friends.   We got together and planned out the theme of the garden and have been working on it for almost a year now.”

“Shawn is too modest to tell you he has sold many of his sculptures to art collectors all over Canada.   He’s a pretty good painter, as well.   When we get to our apartment, I'll have to show you some of his artwork,” Randy said.

Shawn pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and parked the Land Rover near the front entrance.   Once we were seated and had placed our orders for our beverages, we all headed to the buffet tables.   I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started filling my plate.

Rick and I sat across from Randy and Shawn as we ate and talked about sports, etc.   At one point during the meal, I excused myself to use the facilities.  

As soon as I was out of earshot, Shawn looked at Rick and said, “Rick please don’t be offended at what I’m about to say but you need to listen very carefully.”

Rick nodded his understanding, wondering what this very strange man was about to say, “I’m listening.”

“I sense you have a lot of hate and anger in you.   You need to beware of causing yourself and Glenn great harm because of the feelings you have bottled up inside you.   You are like an atom bomb that will blow up and demolish everything and everyone around you.   I fear for both you and Glenn.   I can see you love Glenn but your love will not be sufficient to protect him from harm if you don’t let go of your anger and hatred.  

“Glenn loves you deeply and that is a good thing because he will need it to tide him over when things get really tough between you two.   I hope you will learn to love Glenn as profoundly as he does you.   Glenn doesn’t realize you haven’t given yourself completely to him as his soul mate as he has done for you.   His deep love for you has blinded him to the realities of your relationship, Rick.   Tread lightly and beware of the very deep chasm yawning before your feet should you fail to properly place your feet,” Shawn said, looking into Rick’s eyes.

It seemed to Rick Shawn had looked deep into his soul as he heard the words Shawn was saying.   Rick didn’t know whether he should be offended or not.   His mind didn’t know how to react.   Rick’s state of mind was written all over his face because Shawn continued, “I know you don’t believe me and you're trying to decide whether or not to be angry at me for being so direct with you.  Before you judge me or the words I have spoken, look deep within yourself and be extremely honest as you examine your feelings for Glenn and the feelings of hate, anger and guilt you have stored up in your heart that are preventing you from loving Glenn totally and completely as he does you.”

Rick finally responded, “I don’t have words enough to describe how I feel right now.   Never in my life has anyone been able to look inside my soul and articulate the thoughts and feelings of my heart as you’ve just done.   Every word has pierced my heart and I know without a shadow of doubt you know me better than I know myself.   What is more amazing is you have only known me for a few hours.”

Randy said, “Rick, Shawn has a gift for reading people’s hearts and minds.   He has done this before to many of our friends.    He is very rarely wrong.   I’m sorry he upset you.   I had hoped he wouldn’t say anything to you until we had gotten to know you better.”   Randy looked reproachfully at his partner.

“I’m sorry, Randy.   Rick needed to hear what I had to say and I didn’t know when we would have a better opportunity to talk without Glenn being present.   Glenn has a very tender heart and will defend his life’s love against all comers.   Glenn would have rallied to Rick’s defense and I would not have been able to speak as directly about Rick’s feelings.   I needed Rick to concentrate on what I had to say without worrying about the effect it would have on Glenn.”

“Randy, I’m okay.   Shawn is right.  I did need to hear what he said and I am appreciative of his discretion.  I do have a lot of dissonance going on in my mind right now about our relationship.   I need to resolve some things so I can give myself totally to Glenn.   I do love him very much and I promise to do my best not to make him unhappy.”

Shawn said, “It’s not Glenn I fear for, Rick.   It’s you.   You are the one who is suffering the most right now.   Glenn knows who he is and has a clear sense of where he is going and what he wants.   You, on the other hand, need to discover who you really are and to make peace within yourself about that reality.   The internal conflicts you are dealing with now need to be resolved so you can grow as a person and be able to return Glenn’s love for you.”

As Shawn finished speaking, I returned to the table.   “What’s with all the solemn faces?   Did someone die or something?”

I sat down on the seat and scooted over next to Rick so that his leg rested against mine and I placed my hand on his inner thigh.   My touch had its usual affect which caused me to grin.

Rick grinned at me and said, “Glenn, you are being a tease.”

“I am not.   Its only teasing if I’m not prepared to follow through on the offer,” I laughed and squeezed his package before removing my hand.

“I’m telling your brother on you,” Rick said, laughing.   “Randy, your brother is incorrigible.   Can’t you at least try to teach him not to tease me in such public places where I can’t do anything about it,” Rick pleaded with Randy.   “You don’t know how hard it is dealing with him when he gets this way!”

Randy and Shawn both laughed at me as I blushed a deep red.  

“Rick, you have met your match I think,” Randy said, smiling as he continued, “My little brother has always been able to get away with just about anything.   So I don’t think I can do anything to help you.”

Shawn smiled as well.  “I can sympathize with you, Rick, because Randy does the same thing to me.   They must be related somehow.”

Randy’s smile got wider as I watched Shawn begin to squirm until Shawn said, “Randy, stop or I won’t be responsible for what happens.”   Randy laughed wickedly before he finally left Shawn alone.

Shawn looked at Randy as he said, “I can tell it’s time to take these two home before you become a public nuisance.”

Randy protested, “I’m not a public nuisance!”

“No, but it wouldn’t be too long before you would be.   Come on, Babe.   It’s time to go,” Shawn said, grabbing Randy’s hand and helped him stand up.

The trip to their apartment was a short one.   Randy and Shawn had a very nicely appointed apartment.   After showing us to the spare bedroom, we freshened up and returned to their front room.

Randy took us on a guided tour of their home.   “These are Shawn’s paintings,” he said, pointing to several landscape oil paintings on the wall.   Each one depicted a majestic scene with beautiful mountains, lakes and lots of trees, etc.  

On another wall, hung framed photographs which Randy pointed to next.  “These are my photos.  I’m an amateur photographer.   These are my favorites.   This one was taken in Banff.   The next one was taken in Vancouver and the last in Nova Scotia.”

“You both are very talented,” Rick said.  “Have you ever entered your photos into a photo contest?”

“No, I would rather just enjoy looking at them.   I take photos because it makes me happy.   It’s not important to me to have other people praise me for the photos I take,” Randy said.

Next, Shawn led us down the hallway and opened the door to a third bedroom that had been converted into a studio.

“This is where I work while Randy teaches at the academy,” Shawn said, “This is a model of the sculpture I am working on for the project.”

The sculpture was of a grizzly bear and her two cubs.   Each piece was dazzling in its beauty and detail.   It was almost like they would start moving as you watched them.

I moved to the other end of the room to look at a partially finished canvass.   “Shawn, who are you painting?” I asked.

Shawn smiled and wrapped his arm around Randy’s waist.  “It’s a portrait of Randy.”

Rick stepped forward to see the canvass I was looking at and stopped short.   The canvass was as tall as Rick was and there was Randy painted in full living color!   I have never seen a painting evoke such feelings in me.   The scene was one where Randy was standing on the deck of a sailboat looking at someone he loved. Everything from his tanned body barely clad by a revealing Speedo swim suit to his windblown hair radiated health and vitality but the most striking features were the eyes.   They seemed to sparkle with an inner happiness and communicated a deep and abiding love.  

“I was going to paint him nude but decided it would be a sexier to paint him with his favorite Speedo swim suit.   Here’s the photo I have been using.   We took it when we were on our honeymoon in the Bahamas.”

He handed Rick the photo.   It showed a laughing Randy standing on the deck of a sailboat looking at the camera.   Even in the photo, Randy seemed to have a special aura about him.   It was easy to see why Shawn had chosen this photo to use as his inspiration for his painting.

Rick passed the photo over to me.   “Randy is a very lucky man to have found you, Shawn,” I said.

“No, I am the lucky one.   Randy is the perfect man for me,” Shawn said, pulling his man into a tight embrace and kissing him.

I put my arm around Rick’s waist as we watched the couple express their love for each other.   Randy looked across at me and nodded his head towards Rick.   It didn’t take me long to act on Randy’s suggestion.   I pulled Rick into an embrace and kissed him long and hard.

Having completed the tour, we retired to the front room.   Shawn asked, “Rick would you like a beer or something?”

“Sure,” Rick responded.

Rick wondered why Shawn hadn’t asked Randy and me if we wanted something.   I could see the question on his face.   When he returned with two cold bears and two sodas, it dawned on him that neither of us drinks alcohol.

Shawn curled up next to Randy on the coach while Rick and I cuddled on the loveseat.

“Tell us how you guys met,” Shawn said.

Rick looked at me so I volunteered to tell our story.   Rick listened to me relate our story.   I know it sounded like a fairy tale come to life but that is how it seems to me.

*** ***

As Glenn related the story of how we met, Rick finally understood what Shawn had said earlier, “For Glenn, he is living his life’s dream, his fairy tale story in real life.   You are his prince charming who has saved him and has vowed to protect him from the evils of the world.   Of course, the story continues, ‘….and they lived happily ever after.’

He watched his lover closely as he continued telling Randy and Shawn about their relationship.   He couldn’t help noticing how Glenn’s happiness shines through his words, actions and from his beaming face.   It wasn’t hard to tell from how he talked about Rick he worships the ground Rick walks on.  

Rick thought, “I’ve never been that special to anyone, not even my own parents.   Glenn has put me on a pretty high pedestal.  No wonder Shawn gave me the lecture earlier today.   Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to help you see what should be so obvious.   We have been together nearly two months now and we’ve been deliriously happy.   The only blemish being how my parents reacted to me being gay.   I’m not sure what I’m going to do about them, if anything.”

*** ***

I noticed Rick was deep in thought as I started telling Randy and Shawn about Keith’s wedding and what happened following the reception.

Shawn asked, “Don’t you think you owe Ruth Ann at least a phone call?”

I shook my head, “No.   I don’t think that would be a good idea.   Maybe I could write her a letter instead.   She leaves for school next week so I could write the letter tonight and it might make it to her parents’ house before she leaves”

“You said you really like her, Glenn.   Wouldn’t you want her to give you the courtesy of a personal explanation instead of the silent treatment you’ve given her?   Try and put yourself in her shoes,” Shawn said.

Randy chimed in, “I agree with you, Shawn, but at the same time I think we need to let Glenn be the judge of the situation and do what he thinks is best.”

“Thanks, bro.   I will sit down tonight and write her a letter,” I said.

“If you mail it from here, it won’t get there for a couple of weeks.   You would be better off mailing it when you return to the states,” Randy said.

Shawn turned to Rick and asked, “How are you going to deal with your parents?”

Rick was totally taken off guard by Shawn’s question since he hadn’t really been listening to the conversation.   I could see it in his expression.   I took his hand and squeezed it while he took a moment to collect his thoughts.  "I’m not sure what to do.   My first thought is to leave them alone and let them cool off for a while before trying contact them again.”

“I agree that a cooling off period is needed but don’t wait too long,” Shawn said.

I wanted to spare Rick any more questions so I asked, “I told you guys how we met.   Now it’s time for you two to share how you got together.”

Randy and Shawn looked at each other then started to laugh.   Randy started to tell their story, “Well, it all began with Shawn getting totally and completely drunk.   We were at party we had been invited to by a mutual friend of ours.   Since I don’t drink, Mark asked me to take some of the guys home who didn’t want to crash at his place over night.   So I got four totally drunk guys into my car and drove each of them home.   Shawn was the last one of the group to be dropped off but he was so drunk he couldn’t remember his own name.”

Shawn interrupted, “That’s not true, Randy.   I remembered my name.   I just couldn’t remember where I lived!”

“So here I am with this drunk in my car and nowhere to drop him off.   I finally decided to take him home with me.   I asked Shawn if that’s okay when he starts getting sick and covers me, my car and himself with vomit.   It was totally nasty.   It was all I could do to not lose it, too.

“I dragged Shawn up the stairs to my apartment and managed to get our clothes off and get us both in the shower.   I cleaned us both up and put Shawn in my bed.   I got dressed and went back to try and clean up the mess in my car.   That took me a while.   By the time I returned, Shawn was totally asleep.   I was going to sleep on the couch but decided that I would sleep better in my own bed so I pushed Shawn over on his side and climbed into bed with him.”

Shawn picked up the story, “The next morning, I was disoriented and even more amazed to find myself sleeping naked with another guy and I was very much turned on by that thought.   It wasn’t long before Randy was awake and aware of my condition.   It didn’t take him long to seduce me and I haven’t slept by myself since that night.”

Rick asked Shawn, “How did you know Randy was the right one for you?”

“I didn’t but my hormones kicked in and helped me make that leap of faith.   Those first couple of weeks after we first met we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other kind of like you two are right now.”

Both Rick and I colored up at that statement because it was true.  

“So how long did you keep doing it like that or is it still the same now?” I asked.

Now it was Randy’s turn to blush.   Shawn just smiled and poked Randy in the ribs, “You get to answer your brother’s question.”

Randy laughed, “I guess you could say we're still like you guys!   That’s kind of why we were able to tell you so much about what you're going through right now.   Shawn tells me I have a heavy libido.”

Shawn said, grinning mischievously, “You were listening to me and you even remember the word I used.   I’m flattered.   I’ll have to change my opinion of you, Randy.   I thought your little head did all the thinking for your big head!”

Randy grabbed Shawn and kissed him, “My dick does all the thinking whenever I’m around you.   And right now my dick is telling me you need to pay him some attention very soon.”

Shawn managed to escape his lover’s groping hands and stood up as he winked at us.  “We will see you two in the morning.   Once Randy starts, he is completely unstoppable.”

Shawn pulled Randy to his feet and escorted him to their bedroom and shut the door.

Rick pulled me to my feet and we followed their lead.   I shut the bedroom door behind us and pulled Rick into my arms.

“Are you ready lover boy?” Rick said, as he pushed his hands down the back of my shorts and squeezed my perfectly shaped butt (at least that is what Rick tells me!).

“I’m more than ready,” I said as he removed my shorts and underwear.   

A while later, before we dropped off sleep, Rick whispered in my ear as he nuzzled my neck, “Glenn, I love you very much.   I want you to always remember that.”

I murmured back sleepily, “I love you too Rick.”

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Man from Swift Current Chapter Thirty Six - Keith's Wedding

Chapter Thirty Six – Keith’s Wedding

The next morning I woke up in Rick’s arms.   Rick was awake and staring at me as I opened my eyes.  Rick said, “Good morning, my sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning,” I replied groggily, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

“You know we have to get up and get ready for the wedding or we'll be late,” Rick said.

“Yes, but can’t we take a minute just to cuddle?” I whined, not wanting to leave Rick’s warm embrace.

“We can but only for a few minutes,” Rick said, kissing me on the lips.   “I want enough time in the shower to take advantage of you!”

I grinned and responded, “In that case, we can get up right now!”

We were up in a flash and into shower in double quick time!   Rick turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature.   He pulled me into the shower and captured my lips as he pressed up against me, the hot water only adding to our passion for each other.   I love taking a shower with my guy!  This time, we knew we wouldn’t run out of hot water before we could clean each other up so we didn’t have to hurry to soap up and rinse off after our playtime!   Rick satisfied my desires for him and then some! 

Afterwards, I collapsed in Rick’s arms.   He kissed me and then turned me around facing me away from the shower so he could soap up my chest and stomach.   He lovingly cleaned my package and then turned me back around to rinse off the soap.   He started soaping down my backside.   Rick kissed me as he ran his soapy hands up and down my spine and then they came to rest on my butt cheeks.   He pulled me close and kissed me while he pressed his fingers into me, hitting my g-spot causing me to squirm in his strong embrace.   

“If you keep that up, we will never leave the shower,” I said, grinning up at my lover boy.

Rick gave me a wicked grin.  “That’s the point!”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as he continued to play.   Breaking off the kiss, I said, “Sweetheart, I want you so much but we do need to get going before our grandparents come looking for us.”

Rick grinned.  “I would love to see their faces if they knew what we are doing right now!”

“Grandma wouldn’t be surprised,” I said.

“You are right about that,” Rick replied.   He turned me around to rinse me off.   Then I reciprocated by soaping him up and rinsing him off as he had done for me.   We stepped out of the shower and we dried each other off.

“I love taking a shower with you, Babe,” Rick said, as we started getting ready for the day.   I helped Rick put on his tuxedo making sure everything was adjusted properly.   I like to make sure he is well dressed!   Seeing him in his tuxedo made me think someday we would be the ones getting married.   Rick noted the wistful look on my face and asked, “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“It’s just I was thinking that some day we would be putting on tuxedos for our own wedding,” I replied.

Rick smiled and asked, “Is this a marriage proposal?”

I smiled back at him and replied, “Yes, I want you to marry me but only when the time is right.”

“My answer is yes and the time will be when I get out of the Marine Corps,” Rick answered seriously.

I must have looked really crestfallen because Rick pulled me into his arms and said, “It’s okay, Babe.   It won’t be that long.  I know we can do this.”

I managed to keep control of my emotions as I replied, “I know.   It’s just the thought of waiting so long depresses me sometimes.”

“Don’t let it bother you.   I'm not going anywhere and I'll be here for you when it’s time for us to get married,” Rick said soothingly.   He kissed me and then released me.   “Let’s go get something to eat.”

We went downstairs to the hotel restaurant.   We saw our grandparents were already seated so we asked the hostess to let us join them.   As we sat down, Grandma commented approvingly, “Rick, you look very handsome in that tux.”

“Thank you, Grandma.   I feel a little uncomfortable in it though,” Rick said.

Grandpa laughed, “Most guys do!”

“Yes, but it’s very appropriate for today’s special occasion,” Grandma said.  “We ordered for you boys so we could leave on time.”

“Thanks, Grandma,” I said gratefully.   We didn’t have to wait very long before our food arrived.   We dove in and soon consumed the pancakes, eggs, sausages and orange juice.

Grandpa paid the bill and we followed him out of the restaurant.   Grandpa said, “We'll see you at the church in a few minutes.”

Rick nodded his head, “We'll follow you over in the Jeep.”

We climbed in Rick’s Jeep Wrangler and followed my grandparents.   We arrived at the church and parked.   As we entered the church, we were greeted by the pastor, Reverend Lacey.   He had been unable to meet with us yesterday so he had his assistant pastor, Reverend Jones, stand in for him at the wedding rehearsal.

“You must be the best man, Rick Lernier,” Reverend Lacey said.   When Rick nodded, “I am Reverend Lacy.  Please come this way.”   Rick followed him down the hall where I could see Keith was waiting.   Keith looked great in his white tuxedo.   He was grinning from ear to ear and I could tell he was very excited.   Keith gave me a happy salute as the reverend opened the door to his office and Keith and Rick disappeared inside.

Grandma put her arm through mine.  “Come.   Let’s find our seats.”

I escorted Grandma up the center aisle of the sanctuary to a seat near the front where my uncles were sitting.   As we sat down, Grandpa joined us a few minutes later.   Reverend Lacey soon made his appearance and took his place and nodded to the organist who began playing the processional music.   I turned in my seat to watch the bridesmaids enter, followed by Ruth Ann as the maid of honor.  She smiled at me as she caught me watching her.   I smiled back and winked at her which caused her to blush slightly.   She looked totally gorgeous as she walked up the aisle.   The memory of the nights we spent together came to my mind as I watched her.   They were quickly followed by the thought, “How am I going to tell her I’m in love with Rick.”   There really hadn’t been an opportunity to speak to her privately yesterday with all the wedding preparations.

The ring bearer followed her.  Then Rick entered the sanctuary!   He looked so handsome in his tuxedo.   I overheard one of the ladies behind me ask, “Who is that handsome young man?”   I almost turned around and said, “That’s my guy!” but I didn’t!   I kept my focus on my man and admired his perfect body as he made his way to the front of the sanctuary and took his place.   Next, Keith entered.   As soon as he was in his place, the organist began playing the wedding march.

Everyone stood up and turned to watch as the Kerry entered the sanctuary, escorted by her father.   She looked absolutely radiant as she came up the aisle.   As soon as Joe brought her to the altar to stand beside Keith, the music stopped.

Reverend Lacey said, “You may be seated.   We are gathered together on this beautiful morning to celebrate the marriage of two very wonderful people.   I know Keith and Kerry are very happy you have come to witness their exchange of vows and to help them make this a day they will always remember.”   He paused and looked at Keith, before continuing, “Please take Kerry’s hand and say your vow.”

Keith looked deeply into his sweetheart’s eyes and smiled and began, “I, Keith Joshua Turner, take thee Kerry Diane Mitchell, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part, according to God’s ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my troth.”

Reverend Lacey looked at Kerry and said, “Kerry, you may speak your vow.”

She squeezed Keith’s hand as she said, “I, Kerry Diane Mitchell, take thee Keith Joshua Turner, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part, according to God’s ordinance; and thereto I pledge thee my troth.”

Reverend Lacey said, “By the authority vested me by the state of South Carolina, I now pronounce you man and wife, legally and lawfully wedded.   You may kiss the bride.”

Cheers went up as Keith lifted her veil and gave her a passionate kiss.   When they broke their kiss, Keith took her hand and they turned to the congregation.

Reverend Lacey said, “I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Keith Turner.   Please come forward to congratulate them.”

Rick gave each of them a hug as did Ruth Ann followed by both sets of parents.   I stood up with Grandma and escorted her to the altar.   I hugged Kerry and kissed her cheek.  "Welcome to the family, Kerry.”

Kerry smiled and said, “Thank you, Glenn.”  

I moved to Keith and hugged him.  "Congratulations!”

Keith replied, “Thank you, cousin.”

Rick took my hand and led me to the side of the chapel and down the aisle to the back of the sanctuary where we waited for the rest of the family.   My grandparents were the first ones out of the chapel. 

Grandpa saw us and said, “Let’s head over to the reception center.”

Rick agreed, “Sounds like a great idea.”

We took the short trip to the reception center.   The center director showed us to the room where lunch was to be served.   We were soon joined by the rest of the wedding party.  I sat with my grandparents as Rick and Ruth Ann sat at the head table with Keith and Kerry and their parents.   It was a nice meal with several toasts being made to the newlyweds.  

Keith was very handsome in his tuxedo and Kerry was absolutely divine in her wedding dress.   Of course, I only had eyes for the best man!   Rick certainly fills out a tuxedo very nicely!   Damn!   He is a handsome man!   I was salivating just looking at him!

After lunch, Rick and I returned to the hotel.   As we pulled into the hotel parking lot, Rick asked, “Do you want to get in the pool?”

I grinned, “Yes.   But you have to wear your Speedo swimsuit.”

Rick leered at me and said, “Of course.”

We practically sprinted to our room and quickly changed.   Rick pulled on his skimpy dark blue Speedo that molded itself so perfectly to his body.   I pulled on my matching Speedo swimsuit and posed in front of the mirror admiring my trim form.   All the swimming and the exercise program Rick had us following was showing results.   My stomach had always been flat but now I could see the faint outline of my abs under my skin and my chest looked more defined.

Rick came up behind me as I flexed my muscles.   He placed his hand around my biceps and squeezed.   He grinned appreciatively.   “I guess you'll do.”   He ran his hands over my chest tweaking my nipples before moving to my stomach.   He pulled me back against his chest as he kissed the nape of my neck, sending a thrill down my spine.   His steel pole nestled firmly between my cheeks.   “I think we need to have some exercise before we get in the pool.”

“But we just got dressed,” I protested weakly, as his hands pushed my Speedos to the floor in one quick movement.  

Rick murmured against me neck, “That’s okay.   We can always go swimming later.”

I arched my back as he caressed my bare skin.   Rick picked me up and placed me on the bed.   I stared up at the man who had become my lover boy in sweet anticipation as I watched him drop his swimsuit and step over to the bed.   A shiver of pure delight passed through my body as he, again, began running his hands over my skin.   He captured my lips and soon had me arching my back in pure ecstasy as he made love to me.   It was a good thing most of the rooms around us were vacant because I wasn’t exactly silent as Rick pushed me higher than I had ever experienced!   The intensity was almost too much for me!  

*** ***

Rick lay exhausted on top of me as I gently ran my hands up and down his back.  I love the feel of his muscles under my hands.   I have never felt so close to anyone in my entire life!   It still amazes me how wonderful it feels to have the one you love bring you so much joy.

Rick kissed me and placed his arms around me and rolled us over until I lay on top of him.  “I love you, Glenn.”

“I love you, too,” I replied as I nibbled on his ear.

“I am glad you are all mine.   When are you going to tell Ruth Ann?” Rick asked.

“I don’t know but I am sure we'll figure something out,” I said, grinning at my lover boy.

“Okay, but don’t wait too long.   I don’t want to have Ruth Ann thinking she has any claim on your affections,” Rick said seriously.

I reached up and caressed his cheek with my fingers, “I promise I'll let her know before the day is over.”

Rick smiled and said, “Thank you for understanding.   I don’t want to seem like the jealous type but I do want Ruth Ann to know I come first in your affections.”

I kissed him, again.   “Let’s go swimming.”

“Sounds good to me, Babe,” Rick replied, smiling.   “You just want to show off your body!”

I grinned and laughed.  “Yes and I want everyone to know my boyfriend is the best looking guy around.”

I rolled off of Rick and gave him a hand up.   We pulled on our Speedos and grabbed some towels from the bathroom.   Rick pinned me against the door and kissed me.   “Just to remind you I love you,” he said.

We opened the door and took the stairs down to the courtyard and the outdoor swimming pool.   As we entered the pool area, a couple of good looking girls followed us.   They looked to be our age so I turned and said, “I'm Glenn.   This is Rick.”

“Hi!   I’m Sandy and this is my sister, Tamara.”

I asked, “Where are you girls from?”

Both girls were well tanned, blond, blue eyed and drop dead gorgeous!   Sandy replied, “We are from Alabama and we are here visiting family.”   Her voice was a pleasure to listen to with its soft Alabama drawl.

Tamara said, “Where are y’all from?”

“I am from Saskatchewan, Canada, and Rick is from North Carolina.”

Tamara said, “You two must spend a lot of time at the pool.”

“Yes, we do,” Rick said, looking at me questioningly.   I shrugged my shoulders.

“You look like gingerbread men your tans are so dark,” Tamara explained.

“You and Sandy are just as dark as we are,” I said, stepping closer to her and putting my arm next to hers.   “See?”

Tamara laughed, “Yes, I do see.  We have spent most of the summer at the swimming pool or on the beach.”

Rick said, “We have mostly been at the pool.”   He walked over to the diving board and jumped into the pool making a big splash.

Sandy asked, “Does he have a girlfriend?”

“He’s taken if that is what you mean,” I said, smiling at her.

She nodded, “That is what I meant.   That’s too bad.   I think he is very handsome and I would love to get to know him better.  Maybe you can give us your cell phone numbers just in case things change.”

I nodded my head and smiled, “I don’t think things will change but I’ll give you our cell numbers before we leave.”   I walked over to the pool and did a surface dive that carried me across to the other side of the pool where Rick was waiting.

“What did Sandy want?” Rick asked.

“She wanted to know if you had a girlfriend,” I replied.

“And what did you tell her?” Rick grinned.

“I said you were taken already but I would take her number just in case anything changed,” I said, laughing and grabbing Rick around the waist and giving him a quick kiss before diving under the water.

Rick swam after me and caught my foot and pulled me under.   I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my arms around his neck as I came up for air.   He kicked his legs and propelled us across the pool.   I let him go as we approached the pool wall.

I exclaimed, “Race you across the pool!”  We lined up against the edge of the pool and then we took off across the water.   Rick won by less than an arm length.   We stopped to rest for a moment and noticed that the girls had dived in at the opposite end of the pool.   We swam back towards them.   As we approached, Sandy asked, “Are you both on a swim team?  You swim so well.”

Rick shook his head and answered, “No, we just swim a lot.”  

Tamara looked at me and said, “You have the look of a swimmer.”

“I was on a swim team with my cousin, Ben, last summer but I haven’t really raced since then.   We swim for fun but I haven’t really concentrated on it for some time now,” I replied.

Sandy asked, “Do you want to play a game of tag?”

“Sure, what will be home base?” Rick asked, smiling.

“The steps here and the ladder at the other end,” Sandy said.

“Okay, who will be “it” first?” I asked, grinning at Rick.

Rick looked at me and said, “You should be since you asked.”

I laughed.  “Okay.   I will give you a head start.”

Everyone took off in separate directions.   I waited until they were halfway across the pool before I started after them.

We played tag for the better part of an hour.   Then upon mutual agreement, we all got out of the pool and flopped down on the lounge chairs on the pool deck to dry off.   The girls offered us bottled water from their beach bag that had they brought with them. 

“Thanks,” Rick said, as Tamara handed one to him.

“How long have you guys been together,” Tamara asked.

I looked at Rick who smiled and answered, “Only few weeks.   I met Glenn at the beginning of the summer when he came to visit his cousin, Keith.”

Sandy asked, “Was it love at first sight?”

“For me it was,” I said, smiling at Rick.

“That is so cool!   I have gay friends at college but none of them seem as happy as you two.   In fact, all they can talk about is how lonely they are and their desires to find someone special,” Tamara said.   “It can get tiresome after a while.”

I looked at Tamara.  “Where do you go to school?”

Sandy answered for both of them, “We attend Columbia University in New York City.”

“Wow!   That is a really great school!   How do like it?” Rick asked.

“We enjoy it because it is so different from where we're from.   I like it because it has opened new horizons for me I never would have even come close to discovering in our little town in Alabama,” Sandy replied.

“For me,” Tamara said, “I like the fact the students are very tolerant of other people’s beliefs and cultures.   Our little town is so backwards and extremely prejudiced against everyone.   I hate living there.   Our neighbors are so closed minded it is amazing they can even function in today’s society.”

“Tamara, the fact is they don’t function in today’s society because they are still living just like people in our town did before the Civil War,” Sandy said.   “They still talk about that war as if it was still going on.”

“So how did you two end up going to Columbia University?” Rick asked in surprise.

“We both won full-ride scholarships,” Tamara said.

“Congratulations!” I exclaimed.  “That is totally awesome!”

Rick agreed, “That’s really great.”

“Thank you,” Sandy said.   “I'm starting my junior year and Tamara is a sophomore.”

“That is so cool!   I wondered why you were so accepting of us.   Most people around here are shocked when they see me kiss Rick in public,” I said.

Sandy smiled and said, “I think it’s cute!   You make a very handsome couple.   I'm only sad I couldn’t date one of you.”

Tamara laughed.  “Yes, we would love to date you guys.”   She pulled out a slip of paper and pencil and wrote down their cell numbers.   “Send us a text when you're in New York and we will show you around town.”

“Sure thing,” Rick said, looking over at me for confirmation.

“I would love to do that,” I said. 

Tamara pulled out some sunscreen and offered it to me.  “Do you need some?”

I took it from her, “Thank you.   Rick, let me put some on your back and then you can help me.”

Rick moved his lounge chair closer to me and turned around so I could massage the sunscreen into his broad shoulders and down his back.   Rick leaned into my hands as I massaged his shoulder blades.   Then he leaned forward to allow me better access to his lower back causing his muscles to pop out.   

I heard Tamara’s whisper to her sister, “Aren’t they real hotties?”

I didn’t hear Sandy’s response but I could almost guess what it was.   It made me snicker.   “Did you hear that?” I asked.

Rick didn’t respond but he nodded his head and turned and grinned at me.  I turned around and Rick applied sunscreen to my shoulders and back.   When he finished, I put the cap back on and returned it to Tamara.  “Thanks.   We forgot to bring it down with us from our room.”

Tamara smiled and replied, “No problem.”   She passed it to her sister who started applying it to her arms and legs.  

Rick and I laid down on the lounge chairs to soak up the sun.   After a bit, we turned over and lay on our stomachs.   The girls were doing the same.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Rick shaking my shoulder and saying, “We need to be leaving, Glenn.   We need to get cleaned up and head back over to the reception center.”

I rolled over and rubbed the sleep from eyes.   Rick took my hand and pulled me up from the lounge chair into his arms.   I grinned, “I like this.”

“Good,” Rick said, giving me a quick kiss, “so do I.”   He released me from his embrace and took me by the hand and led me towards the pool exit.

“It’s nice to meet you guys,” Sandy said as we passed her.  

“Same here,” I said.  

We left the pool and returned to our room where we jumped into the shower and quickly rinsed off the chlorine.   We got dressed and Rick drove us back to the reception center. 

The Turners wedding reception lasted nearly all night.   There was an open bar and many of the guests got totally plastered.   They hired a live band to play for the reception which afforded me the opportunity to stay busy all evening.    I spent most of the evening avoiding Ruth Ann.   Whenever she would approach, I would make sure I took someone out on the dance floor.   I could tell she wanted to talk to me but I wasn’t ready to face her just, yet.  

Rick and I had made an agreement before hand to make a point of inviting the elderly widows to join the festivities and give each one a swing around the dance floor before inviting the next one to dance.   It was my idea since I saw many of the guests were elderly and reminded me of my visits to the rest home near my Uncle Dave’s home.

As the night wore on, more and more guests left for their homes.   Ruth Ann caught me by surprise at the bar, getting glass of water.   She put her arm through mine and said, “Finally.  I thought I was never going to get to dance with you tonight.”

I smiled at her, “Let’s go.”   I led her out onto the dance floor, trying to decide how best to tell her I was in love with Rick.   As we danced, Ruth Ann laid her head on my chest and melted into me.  Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her as we slow danced to some old rock ballad.   Towards the end of the song, she pulled back and looked me in the face.   Her eyes were bright with tears.  “I love you, Glenn,” she said.   She put her hands up to my face and pulled me down for a kiss.

The song came to an end and I felt a tap on my shoulder, “May have this dance,” Rick asked Ruth Ann.  

Ruth Ann smiled as Rick took her hand.   “Certainly,” she said.

Rick and Ruth Ann moved gracefully around the dance floor as I watched from our table.   I couldn’t help but admire Rick’s skillful moves as he led Ruth Ann through the different dance steps.   Grandma sat down next to me.   She must have guessed my thoughts because she said, “Your Rick reminds me of your grandfather.   Grandpa is a very graceful dancer.   It is part of what attracted me to him when we first met.   He took me out on the dance floor and it seemed we floated on air the entire night.   Rick does the same thing.   You're very lucky to have found him.”

“I know I am very fortunate.   Grandma, do you believe in fairy tales?” I asked, looking at her.

Grandma smiled, “As in “they lived happily ever after” fairy tales?”

“Yes, that is what I mean.   From the first time Rick kissed me, I have felt I was living a real life fairy tale with my very own Prince Charming.   We even joke about it sometimes,” I replied.

“I do believe in fairy tales coming true when you find that someone special who is meant to be your soul mate.  I found mine in the person of your grandfather.   It has been truly wonderful and magical being married to him.   He not only is a perfect husband but your mother can tell you what a wonderful father he is.   Does it mean he has never made mistakes?   No, but it means he has learned when to admit he is wrong and can change his ways and become a better person,” Grandma said.   “Your Rick is your soul mate, Glenn.   Do everything you can to keep him.   Always remember to put him first in your life and yourself second.   As you learn to do that, Rick will reciprocate by putting you first in his life before himself.   He already loves you more than you know, Glenn.”

“I know he loves me.   He puts up with all of my shortcomings which tells me he loves me a lot.   I've tried not to hurt him but I seem to keep doing it whenever I am around Ruth Ann.   I don’t know how to tell her I am in love with Rick,” I said, looking over at Grandma.

Grandma returned my gaze and thought for a moment.  “Glenn, sometimes the best solution to these kinds of situations is to be upfront and direct.   It may be more painful at first but it is the cleanest way to end a relationship without crippling the people involved.”

“But Grandma, I don’t want to end my relationship with Ruth Ann.   I just want it to change from being girlfriend/boyfriend to being one of friendship and respect.   I don’t want to hurt her because I do love her as a friend,” I said.

“Sometimes it’s not possible to salvage a friendship out of a romantic one, Glenn.   There are feelings that run too deep that can’t be changed.   Maybe over time, she will come to forgive you for the heartache you caused her and then she will be ready to be friends with you and Rick,” Grandma said.  

The music came to an end and Rick and Ruth Ann moved off the dance floor and started towards us.

Rick was half way back to our table when he was intercepted by Joe.   Joe spoke to Rick who nodded and split off from Ruth Ann and came over to our table.   “Joe wants us to help load the wedding gifts into his truck,” Rick said.

Grandma looked at me and said, “Go ahead.   I'll wait here for your Grandpa.”

I leaned over and kissed Grandma on the cheek.  “Thank you for talking to me about Ruth Ann.”

Grandma smiled, “You're welcome.”

Rick and I began loading all of the wedding gifts into Mr. Mitchell’s truck to be taken back to the Mitchell’s home to await the honeymooners’ return.   It was pretty late when we loaded the last gift into the back of the truck.

Rick took me completely off guard as he swept me into his arms and began kissing me.   It was a very long, passionate kiss that had my senses reeling when we finally surfaced for air.

“I love you, Babe,” Rick said as he continued to nuzzle my neck.

“I love you, too,” I said as I tried in vain to resist Rick’s insistent hands caressing my body.  “Rick, if you don’t stop, I will have to strip you out of your tuxedo here and now and ravage your gorgeous body!”

“That’s the whole idea lover boy,” Rick said, laughing and continuing his assault.

Just then, I heard sobbing and someone running away from us.   I turned my head to see who it was and only caught sight of the reception center door slamming shut.  

“Who was that Rick?”   He had held me so I couldn’t see the building the entire time we had been making out.

Rick didn’t answer me and he wouldn’t look me in the eye.   It only took me a second or two before it clicked.   Ruth Ann had been standing there watching us the entire time!

“It was Ruth Ann wasn’t it?”

“Yes and I wanted to make a very clear statement that you're mine and only mine,” Rick said quietly but forcefully.

“Well, I think that point was very clearly made if she saw everything that was going on,” I said, and looked questioningly at Rick to see if she had been there the entire time.

Rick didn’t acknowledge my look so I asked him directly, “Did Ruth Ann witness our entire make out session?”

“Yes, she did!” Rick said defiantly.   The look on his face dared me to challenge his decision.

I reached up and placed my hand on his cheek and gazed into his eyes.   “Rick, it’s okay!   You don’t need to get defensive with me.   I'm alright with what happened.   It’s not exactly how I imagined we would tell her we're a couple but it did the job.”

“You aren’t mad at me for forcing the issue?” Rick said hesitantly as he took his hand in mine.

“No, I'm not angry.   In fact, I’m relieved it’s over and I didn’t have to cause an ugly scene between us and Ruth Ann.”

I felt Rick’s sigh of relief as he folded me into one of his bear hugs.   I knew I should try to talk directly to Ruth Ann but I admit I wasn’t up to facing her wrath tonight.  

“I’m going to get into the Jeep to wait for you while you let the grandparents know we are leaving.  I don’t want to take a chance on running into Ruth Ann tonight.   I don’t think I can handle dealing with her in her current state of mind,” I said.

Rick nodded his agreement and made a quick trip back inside the reception center.  He was back in a moment and we headed back to the hotel where we stripped out of our clothes and proceeded to enjoy each other knowing that we had survived another milestone in our time together:  the other woman!