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The Man from Swift Current Chapter Twenty Seven - Confronting Keith

Chapter Twenty Seven - Confronting Keith

Late one night, I was thinking about the conversation we had earlier.   We were discussing things or events that had scared us when we were little.   I rehearsed it in my memory trying to recall everything we had talked about:

We were sitting by the pool and Rick has just finished applying sunscreen to my back when he leaned close to my ear and asked, “What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you?”

I turned towards him to answer his question and was met by lips giving me a quick kiss, before he moved over to his lounge chair and waited for me to answer.

I looked at my lover boy and tried NOT to get a hard on because I knew my swimsuit wouldn’t hold me in; so I quickly looked away from him and replied, “The scariest moment I remember happened when I was five years old.   Ben and I were racing our tricycles up and down his driveway and not paying much attention to anything else.   I don’t remember hearing my Dad telling us to get out of the way but he must have since Ben stopped and moved to the grass next to the driveway.  I kept racing thinking Ben was right behind me.   My Dad couldn’t see me since I was so little.   He saw Ben was out of the way and assumed I was also.  He started backing the car out of the driveway.   The next thing I knew, I was on the ground as the rear wheel of the car rolled over my back.   I remember rolling over and seeing my Mom standing on the front step screaming for my Dad to stop the car.   Then I remember Dad opening the car and looking down to see me laying there next to the rear wheel of the car.   His face went totally white and my Mom opened the door and shouted for my Aunt Mary to come see what could be done for me.”

“Then what did they do?” Rick asked.  

I answered, “They put me on a stretcher board and strapped me down so nothing would move.   They rushed to me the hospital emergency where they took x-rays of my chest to see if anything was broken.   The doctors at the hospital came back with the results and declared they didn’t believe my parents or my Aunt Mary because there were no broken bones.   They said I was perfectly alright and they could take me home.   My parents were so shaken they didn’t argue with them and took me home.   Mom took me upstairs to give me a bath and pulled off my shirt and saw the tire marks on my back and called everyone upstairs to see them.   Uncle Dave took a photograph as evidence.   They were all amazed I had survived without a single broken bone.”

“Wow!   You mean the medical people didn’t thing you’d been run over at all?” Rick asked in amazement.

“That’s right but my parents still have the photo they took that day.   Now I’ve told you my most scary moment, what is yours?” I asked, looking over at my lover boy.   Man does he look good in a swimsuit!

Rick grinned and said, “I’m glad to see I turn you on, Babe.”

I looked down and saw tip of my very erect penis was showing above the waistband of my swimsuit.   I pushed it back inside and draped my towel over my swimsuit until I could get better control of myself.  I was blushing furiously as I looked back up to meet Rick’s eyes.   “I’m so horny I can’t help but react to the sight of your gorgeous body glistening in the sun,” I replied.

Rick grinned even wider. “I’m glad to know you're as attracted to me as I am to you.   Do you know you're so cute when you blush?”

His comment made me turn even redder than I already was. “Rick, I’m already embarrassed enough that I can’t keep my dick from getting hard just from looking at you.”

With a wicked grin, Rick reached over and reached his hand under my towel to rub the inside of my thigh. “Does this help?”

I could feel myself getting even harder, if that’s possible.   In fact, my balls were getting hard as well and were hurting, too.   “Rick, stop, please!” I begged.   “I’m going to lose it, if you don’t stop.”

Instead of stopping, Rick moved his hand to my dick and started jerking me off.   It took only a few minutes to bring me to a climax.   Rick withdrew his hand and offered it to me to clean off.   I licked his hand clean without a second thought.   I took a quick look around to see if anyone had noticed.   There was a couple at the other end of the pool but they were too interested in each other to pay us any attention.

“Rick, you're so bad!   What if those guys had been watching?” I asked.

“I know them.   They live upstairs and are pretty cool about things so I figured even if they did see anything they wouldn’t say anything,” Rick said, smiling at me.

“It’s so not fair!   You seem to be so in control and I can’t even look at you without getting aroused,” I said.

Rick laughed.  “I’m used to seeing women get so completely turned on I don’t even have to touch them to get them to start having orgasms.   I just have to keep from thinking about fucking you so my dick won’t give me away.   As soon as I start thinking about how wonderful it feels to fuck you, I lose all control as you have already seen.”

I laughed.  “Yes, I have seen that happen to you.   I guess I can’t help but think about what you do to me every time we make love so I lose all control.”

 Rick’s eyes sparkled with mischief.  “I think we should retire to our bedroom.   I think I need to verify I truly have the magic touch that makes you beg for more.”

I grinned and shook my finger at him.   “Not until you've told me about the scariest moment of your childhood.”

Rick said, “You distracted me so much I couldn’t remember what we were talking about.   Well, the thing that scares me the most is the sight of a needle.”

I looked at Rick in surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am afraid of needles,” Rick said.   “When I was four or five years old, I had a lot of ear infections.   My parents took me to the doctor who would give me injections of antibiotics which I hated because they hurt.   Then when the infection didn’t go away, I had to have a blood test.   I remember the nurse tried to comfort me as she put the tourniquet on my arm and then stuck her needle in the vein.   As she released the tourniquet, I remember thinking, “I’m going to die!”   I didn’t die, of course, but I sure thought I was going to leave this life!”

I looked incredulously at the big, tough marine laying on the lounge chair next to me, “So you really are afraid of needles, then.”

Rick nodded his head, “Yes, I admit it, but it is not something I go around advertising.”

I looked at Rick and leaned over and kissed him and whispered against his lips, “Your secret is safe with me.”

Rick took my hand, looking deeply into my eyes, and said, “I know.”

Rick stood up and pulled me to my feet.   He held my hand as we walked back to the apartment.   As soon as he had closed the apartment door, he swept me into his arms and made good on his promise to see if he had the magic touch!

Let’s just say that Rick made good on his promise several times over!

*** ***

After enjoying each other’s company all afternoon, we decided to go out for dinner.   Rick took me to McKinnon’s Louisiana Restaurant in Buckhead.   The owner greeted as we entered the restaurant.   He brought out a special plate of appetizers and made recommendations for the best entrees for the night.   The food was excellent, the service impeccable and the company wonderful!

We returned to the apartment rather late so we quickly stripped out of our clothes and climbed into bed.   Rick took me in his arms and said, “I love you, Glenn.”

I looked him in the eyes and said in reply, “I love you, too.”   Rick pulled me closer to him and kissed me passionately.  

“Thank you for the wonderful evening, Babe,” Rick said.

“No, I should be telling you, thank you.   Not the other way around,” I said, smiling at my lover boy.

Rick kissed me tenderly and then held me in a tight embrace.   I put my head on his chest and that is the last thing I remember.    

Suddenly, I was wide awake.   I didn’t know why but I felt like something was going on.   I heard the apartment door open and someone came inside.   I knew right away that it could only be Keith returning home.   Rick’s a light sleeper and awakens easily.   He slipped out of bed trying not to wake me from my slumber.   I pretended to be asleep since I really didn’t want to confront Keith at this time of night.   Rick walked into the kitchen just as Keith switched on the light.

“Sorry, Rick for waking you up,” Keith said, looking down at the floor.

“It’s okay.   I wanted to talk to you before you see Glenn anyway.   You need to know that I love Glenn very much and he and I are lovers and life partners now.”

Keith’s head shot up and his eyes got as big as saucers. “You’ve got to be kidding!    When did this happen?”

“The night Glenn returned from his trip to Texas.  I picked up Glenn from Brett’s house and brought him back here to our apartment.   That afternoon, we had a really good talk about the argument we had over Glenn.   We talked about what you said about gays a couple of weeks ago and your promise to apologize to him.   Glenn is still very upset with you for betraying his trust,” Rick said.

Keith lowered his gaze to the floor, again.   “I don’t know if I can apologize for the way I feel, especially now you two are lovers.”

“We went over all of this already, Keith.   You are not my keeper and you need to accept who I have chosen as my life partner and learn to love him as you do me.   It’s even more imperative you move past your prejudices and apologize to Glenn because he’s your own family not just a close friend,” Rick said, his voice beginning to rise.

“I can’t do that.   I feel like I’ve lost both my cousin and my best friend at the same time.   What you are doing is wrong and I can’t just step aside and let you do it.”  Keith voice communicated how extremely upset and conflicted he was despite the sting of his words.

“Keith, you have to let your hatred of gay people go or it will eat at you and make you the most miserable person to be around.   Accept us for who we are and learn to be our friend.   Please Keith,” Rick said, pleading with him to choose to push aside his feelings of disgust and righteous indignation.

At this point, I had heard enough and couldn’t let them continue.  I got up went into the kitchen and walked up behind Rick.   He jumped as I slipped my arms around his waist from behind.   I know Rick didn’t expect me to be awake but he had been talking pretty loud.  

Rick said, “You scared me Glenn.   I thought you were still asleep.”   Rick pulled me into a tight embrace and kissed me lightly on lips.  

The look on Keith’s face was totally priceless!   He must have thought Rick was kidding when he said Rick and I were lovers!   

“I missed you big guy.   Come back to bed.   We are all very tired and it’s too late to talk about such serious things.   We can talk tomorrow,” I said, keeping my voice was warm and inviting.   I pointedly kept my tone cool with little bit of an edge to it as I addressed Keith, “Hello Keith.   I think you need to get some sleep as well.   We’ll see you in the morning,”

Rick could tell I was angry with Keith and had overheard what Keith had said in the kitchen.   As Rick allowed me to lead him back to our bedroom, he tried to think of something to say that wouldn’t make the situation with Keith any worse.  

Rick finally quietly spoke so as not to be overheard by Keith, “Glenn, you're such an open book to me now.   The expression on your face as you spoke to Keith just now was one that would’ve killed him if there had been weapons involved!   I hope I never make you that angry with me!”

“I’m sure you never will, Babe, because you love me too much to hurt me in the way Keith has,” I said, kissing Rick and giving him a tight squeeze before climbing back into bed.

As Rick climbed in beside me, he whispered, “I love you.   Thank you for rescuing me from myself.   I would have started another shouting match if you hadn’t intervened when you did.”

“I know.   I overheard everything Keith said.   I woke up when Keith came into the apartment.   I wondered why you decided to get up and talk to him at this time of night.   It didn’t take long before I could hear both of you.   Neither one of you was very quiet you know,” I said, caressing Rick’s chest and moving my body against his.

“You know if you keep that up what will happen,” Rick said, grinning at me.

“I’m counting on it, my handsome prince!   What are you waiting for?” I said huskily.

I thought for second we shouldn’t make it so obvious what we were doing but that thought only lasted for a split second!   The next thought that passed through my head was—I hope Keith gets a hard on hearing us having the best sex on the planet!

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