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The Man from Swift Current Chapter Twenty Six - Honeymoon

Chapter Twenty Six  - Honeymoon

I love the afterglow that comes every time Rick makes love to me.   I really could get used to this!   My body was so relaxed I couldn’t move even if the apartment were on fire.  Rick lay beside me softly snoring.   I couldn’t help teasing him a little bit about it but never in a mean way.   His face was so beautiful in his sleep.   This time he had a slight smile that played around his lips.  

It wasn’t long before Rick’s eyes opened and he smiled at me as I stared into his eyes.   “How long have you been awake?” Rick asked.

“Not long.   I love watching you sleep,” I said gently caressing his cheek.   “It makes me happy to see you sleeping so peacefully beside me.”

 “What shall we do today, lover boy?” Rick asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, but if you join me in the shower, I’m sure we can figure something out,” I said as I pulled him up from the bed.   We cleaned each other in the shower and enjoyed each other as we usually do.   Of course, we run out of hot water every time but it is so much fun!   It’s part of what makes things click for us.

As we were getting dressed, the phone rang.   I quickly picked up the phone.

“Hello,” I said.

“How’s my favorite grandson?” Grandpa asked.

“I’m doing great.   I’m enjoying the city and getting to know my way around a bit,” I said.

“Good.   Is Rick treating you well?”  Grandpa asked.

My heart stopped at that question.   Did Keith already out us to my grandparents?   How would they react to me and Rick?  I tried to keep voice from trembling as I answered his question, “Yes, he is Grandpa.   He has been a very good tour guide.   We visited the Atlanta Aquarium, Stone Mountain and many other places.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.   I hope Rick has convinced you to go to school there with him and Keith this year.”

“Yes, Grandpa, he has done a good job of convincing me to stay here,” I said trying not to react as Rick started to tickle my ear with his tongue.   I pulled away from him and gave him the “look” to try and get him to stop.

“I think that’s wonderful.   Have you asked Rick if you could room with him since Keith will be moving into his own apartment after the wedding?”

“No, I haven’t asked him, yet.   I’ll do that right now,” I said.   I pushed Rick away from me as he kept kissing my neck and running his hands up and down my back.   I was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation with Grandpa.   “Rick, Grandpa wants to know if I can room with you this next school year?”

Rick’s response came between kisses, “What do you think?”

“Grandpa, he says yes.   I will need to bring the rest of my stuff here from your house before school starts.”

“I’m glad that’s settled.   Why don’t you and Rick come up to the farm this weekend?   I could use your help as we get ready to begin harvesting peaches.”

I covered the phone with my hand and asked Rick, “Do you want to go up to the farm this weekend?”

“You know I do.    I want to be wherever you are, lover boy,” Rick responded biting my earlobe.  

“Grandpa, we’ll be there.   How long do you need our help?”

“Not more than a week or so.   Your Grandma will probably try to get you boys to help out with the wedding preparations.   You’ve been warned!   I’ve tried to stay out of that craziness!   Maybe you and Rick can take a quick trip back home to see your parents before Keith’s wedding.   That should keep you two from falling victims to the wedding planners!” Grandpa said laughing.

“That’s sound great Grandpa!   I will talk to Rick about going home and I’ll let you know our decision when we get there this weekend.   I love you, Grandpa.”

“I love you, too Glenn.”

After hanging up the phone, I turned to Rick, “Grandpa said we should take a couple of weeks and fly home to see my parents.   Would you like to go with me?”

“Does this mean I have to ask for your hand in marriage?” Rick asked only half-jokingly.

“Yes, it does and I’m sure Dad will give his permission,” I said with a broad smile on my face.   I couldn’t believe I had just said that to Rick.   I was actually serious about the idea of marrying Rick.   That thought came as quite a shock to me.   Before this very moment, it had never crossed my mind that I would commit to living the rest of my life with a guy as my life partner.  

Rick must have sensed the change in my mood, “I’m only teasing you Glenn.   I won’t do that until you are ready.  I do want to marry you but it has to be the right time for both of us.”

“I know you won’t push me into anything I’m not ready to do.   That’s what makes you so wonderful!”   I said giving him a hug and a kiss.

“Let’s stay here today and enjoy the pool,” Rick suggested.

“I’m good with that,” I replied.  

Rick pulled me back into his arms and started kissing me passionately.   When we came up for air, I asked, “I thought you wanted to enjoy the pool.”

“I do but only after I enjoy taking your clothes off of you,” Rick said laughing at my surprised look.

“We just go dressed!” I protested.

“And what has the got to do with anything?” Rick asked as he pulled my shirt over my head.

I laughed, “I guess it doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter because I get the pleasure of stripping off your clothes,” Rick said.

“But we just had sex in the shower!   How can you be ready to make me yours, again, so soon?” I asked incredulously.

“Don’t you remember that I’m a marine and marines are always ready when it comes to getting their rocks off,” Rick said grinning from ear to ear.   “It also helps that you are the sexiest thing alive and I want to make sure you know you are all mine.”

As he pushed me down on the bed, I asked, “How many times can you fuck me in single day?”

Rick smiled, “I don’t know.   Maybe we should try and find out.   What do you think?”

I didn’t get a chance to reply before he took my breath away as he made madly passionate love to me.

*** ***

A while later we went into the kitchen where I cooked us breakfast.   Rick watched me moving around the kitchen.   “You know, Glenn, what characteristics does your dream guy have?”

I turned and looked at him in surprise, “What you mean?”

“I mean what is it that you look for when are looking for someone to date with the possibility of spending the rest of life with them,” Rick clarified.

I laughed, “I look for him to be tall, have dark brown hair, a well muscled body, blue-gray eyes, a dimple in the left cheek, a perfect smile, and most of all the perfect set of sex tools that always bring me pleasure!”

Rick grinned, “Okay, you just described his physical characteristics but you haven’t told me what kind of personality he should have.”

I finished cooking the eggs and put them on the table along with the bacon and toast.   I took a seat next to Rick and took his hand, “Let’s say grace before I answer your question.”

After saying grace, I thought for a moment and said, “I look for someone who is kind to everyone no matter who they are.   I want someone who will treat me with dignity and respect no matter how silly or goofy I might be.   I want a guy who not only wants to have sex with me but values my opinions and is concerned about my mental and emotional welfare.   I want a true partnership with my mate.  That means we share equally in the responsibilities of maintaining our relationship and raising a family if that is what we both want.”

Rick listened to me attentively, “Those are all things I want in a mate as well.   My experience with Angie taught me that there has to be more than just sex to keep a relationship going.”

“She really hurt you didn’t she?” I asked looking into Rick’s eyes.

“Yes, she did,” Rick said.   “That is why I want to make sure we talk about our ideas of a perfect mate.   We have both been relationships that didn’t work and were hurt as a result.   I want us to talk about things so we can get to know each other’s expectations.   I know for my part that I want to be with you forever, Glenn.   I feel so alive with I am with you.   You make everything seem so new and so special.”

I reached over and squeezed Rick’s hand, “Thank you, Rick.   I hope I never disappoint you.   I know that I am not perfect and I am bound to make mistakes.   I just ask you to be patient with me and help me to become the perfect mate for you.”

Rick leaned over and kissed me.   “I think it’s time to go down to the pool.”

I grinned, “I love seeing you in your swimsuit.”

Rick gave me a lusty look, “Ditto!”

We went back in the bedroom and pulled on our Speedo swimsuits.   We both liked what we saw.   We grabbed a couple of towels, sun screen and our shades as we headed out the door to the pool.

We spent the rest of the week lounging by the pool and enjoying being together.   We took turns cooking and cleaning up.   I was surprised to find out that Rick was actually a pretty good cook.   We divided up the domestic chores to keep the apartment sparkling clean.  

We had many long talks about our plans and dreams for the future.   It turns out that we have many similar interests.   Of course, we aren’t exactly alike.   Where Rick is quiet and reserved, I am loud and rather showy.   The thing we both like the most is having sex with each other.   I have never experienced such raw, rough sex before.   On the other hand, there are times Rick makes sweet, gentle love to me.   Those times it seems we connect every fiber of beings together as one single entity.   It is so mind blowing to be able to feel you are so much a part of another person as to be nearly indistinguishable as to our thoughts and feelings for each other.   I think that we make a good couple.   We complement each other in so many ways.


Lycan said...

Hey Dude. Discovered your site after finding The Lernier Family on it yesterday. Have just read everything here and LOVE it. I mean, the way Rick fell for Glenn was super quick & Glenn hasn't had a thought about Kerry's sister or told Rick about her yet n all but still LOVE the story. Thansk!

Lycan said...

Oh hell. Just read my comments. Please forgive my typing skills, or lack thereof...and I discovered The Lernier Family on Nifty.

SaskBoyStories by Russ Nielsen said...

Thanks for the feedback....Glenn hasn't stopped thinking about Ruth Ann and believe me the boys have talked about her.....guess I'll have to add another chapter about that little discussion.....We're not done with Ruth Ann, yet!